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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 4, No. 7 July 2, 1941



Viki lay in bed the morning after the Annual General Meeting (yes, we know she's done it before, but it's a habit) thinking youth's long, long thoughts of Sex. And thinking of Sex reminded her of Girth Big'un, whose heroic Last Stand on this very subject against a bigoted school committee had endeared, him to every feminine heart. And now the [unclear: Co] mittee was disseminating [unclear: Girtbh] Control propaganda.

How proud she had been they night before when Sex Callin's name had been read out for the Men's Committee! She would go up to the Exec. room that very afternoon on the offchance of seeing him.

Chapter XIII.

Crowds hovered anxiously round the Exec. room hoping to catch a glimpse of the new Exec. members (such is the interest all students display in College affairs), and it was fortunate for Viki that who should come along at that very moment but (you've guessed it)—Sex! With his usual quiet, etc., efficiency he seized Viki by the hair and dragged her into the comparative privacy of the Exec. room. Bed and Board, Viki noticed with a pang of regret, were not among the usual Exec. room furniture. Board, the Vice-President and the chief plank in the election platform, was still in camp, and Wrong Bed had, alas! actually married another. Through a mist of tears dim figures swam before Viki, and she heard Sex [unclear: pointing out the various] celebrities.

"That's Rennet Ogle over there." Viki saw a pair of large, mournful brown eyes fixed upon her. She felt herself shaking like a junket. Could that be Rennet?

"And that's Houri Waysmor, that tall fair girl. She's the Women's Vice."

"And that's Surly Such, and there's Ann Cyclehome. And that's Woofie Ringarosenberg, the new Treasurer."

"Why's he called Woofie?" asked Viki.

"Because his bark's worse than his bite."

Viki eyed him speculatively. The room rang with his merry gusts of laughter, "What's he laughing at?" she asked Sex. 'She was afraid the mirror would fall. "Oh, he dosen't laugh at anything," explained Sex, "he just "

(What is Sex about to reveal to Viki about Woofie? Who is the handsome fair man on the Executive whose name has not yet been mentioned? Who will win the Bloody-slow Medal? What has happened to Warm Kneed? Will Beatrice Not-somuchison reveal the dread Debating Club secret? Why is Elma Johnson going down to Christchurch next week-end? All will be revealed in the next instalment of our thrilling serial!!!)