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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 4, No. 5. June 6, 1941

The Unchristian Life

The Unchristian Life

Dear "Salient,"

Surely Mr. Evison knows of the sweatshops run by one religious organisation which prides itself of its social work, and of the vicars and parsons with their cars and good connections? The poor haven't got them.

He also says 'the Christian is a Pacifist because . . .' Well, I haven't seen much of that, either. Didn't I hear somewhere that this war was being fought for Christianity? Present-day Christians aren't Christians at all: if they were, they'd all be pacifists, instead of the small band of us who realise that Christ meant it when He said 'Love your enemies.

The keynote to the whole letter is in the closing words: 'As long as there are unselfish and humble people there will be Christianity.'

Just what our rulers need to keep us subject! Where is the early Christian idea of the dignity of man and of his labour? What a splendid catchcry for the bosses: be humble and your reward will come later.

We want no pie in the sky: we should have our heaven here on earth, and we can have it, but only in a world where the people are not fooled by a boss-made religion.

D. Hartley.

[Note.—Both of these have been reduced considerably.—Ed.]