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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 4, No. 2. March 26, 1941



Miss Glen Macmorran

Miss Glen Macmorran

—Photographic reproduction by courtesy Public Service Journal.

It was a sad day when our annual Procession was banished into outer darkness by an irate Professional Board and a scandalised City Council, but it has reappeared with a spring in its heel and twice its old importance.

This time the procession will make a double appearance, firstly on Saturday, April 5th, and then a final frenzied flare on its way to the Basin Reserve on Easter Monday. Our focal points will be, firstly, Tournament, and secondly and momentarily, the Education Princess, Miss Glen Macmorran.

In exchange for our co-operation the Princess' Committee has generously Offered to construct a number of floats for us, as long as we provide the ideas, the costumes and, most important, the personnel.

Each float will satirise some topical event or organisation, without particular reference to the University, although Tournament will be splashed when and where we can make the public sit up and take notice. We intend to persuade the Town that Tournament is a live meeting by showing them that our procession is the best thing to be seen on these streets in years, and they can expect the same standard in our sporting events.

To do this we are going to want your help, whether or not you will be here at Easter. Don't let any other obligations held you back from giving one morning to putting the College back on the map.

We want 200 of you to be the Burlesk Burly Beauties, the Ice Cream Merchants' Cross Country team, the penniless importers, the foilers of the B.M.A. (consumers of an apple a day), the petrol rationists, the dinosaur's hind legs, and all the rest of the motley crew.

Freshers, this is your opportunity. Now is the time to kiss all the traffic policemen and get off without a fine. Now is the time to bail up the cashier of the Reserve Bank—with a collecting box. This is when you can attack the Wellington heavyweight champion—with a ticket to the N.Z. University Boxing Championships. If you've got any ideas, if you play the trombone, if you've trained a pipe band, if you keep a tame giraffe, if you've a tandem bicycle if you can decorate your car, if you want the best morning's fun you've ever had, hand in your name and 'phone address either to Moira Wicks or R. M. Daniell, and watch the notice board.

We would particularly like to contact anybody who can obtain lorries for either or both of these occasions.