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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 4, No. 2. March 26, 1941


page 4


Sports life at the College just now centres about the choice of teams to represent us at Tournament. Chess and Table-tennis have been laid aside in favour of Swimming and Boxing and the rest. In our next issue there will be lists of teams and news from the other colleges. Our columns in this issue would have been longer had our Sports Editor not mislaid himself in the Tararuas. Again we would urge sports club committees to appoint a regular correspondent who will make it his duty to send club news in time for each issue of "Salient."


Until the inter-faculty team sports on Saturday are over it is going to be very difficult to pick an athletic team for the tournament. Two certainties of course are John Sutherland, 1940 National 100 yards champion, and Ross Scrymgeour, third in the three miles National championship last year.

The half-mile event should provide an exciting race between A. Sinclair, a well-known Nelson runner, Colin Aitken, who after three years' absence from the track is running well, Peter Morris (who won the event at the last club meeting), Rowberry, one time junior provincial half-mile champion, and R. M. Daniell, who represented. Victoria in this race at the tournament last year. In addition there is more than one good middle distance man at Massey and it seems as if this race will be the most exciting of the day, as on present form all are evenly matched.

In the hurdles and field events D. Tossman is sure of a place and should make quite a good showing in the 220 yards hurdles.

There is a rumour current that E. M. Irving will so far forget married life as to appear in the 120yds. hurdles and if the stories we hear of him being in training are true he should win a place without much difficulty.

In the 440yds. hurdles John Stacey, the most determined runner in the club, will probably represent us again and there is a possibility that he will also compete in the 440yds. flat. He ran the 440 last year for the Varsity Club relay team which won the Heenan Baton.


We need 40 men to decorate the St. Francis' Hall for Tournament Ball on Tuesday morning, April 15th; also 40 women to prepare supper in the afternoon and 20 more to serve it at night.

Leave a note for [unclear: Shirley] Grinlinton or I. L. Moore.


Nerves tightened and beat faster as the time for the annual Victoria College Championships approached. For weeks past, the few keen pugilistic enthusiasts smacked that punch bag, and each other, with ever-increasing speed and accuracy—each night, the skipping rope was twirled with greater energy than ever before. Then Thursday, 20th March, 8 p.m., at last arrived.

A small audience in the Wellington Boys' College gymnasium greeted the first contestants for the evening as they stepped into the ring.

Featherweight.—M. W. Wishart, 8st. 9lbs., beat P. Hillyer, 8st. 7lbs. It is indeed unfortunate that Wishart is only a fresher—he proved extremely quick and accurate, and was undoubtedly the winner.

Welterweight.—B. W. Jacobsen. 10st. 8lbs., beat R. L. Oliver, 10st. 8lbs. Those who expected their money's worth in this fight must have been disappointed. The over-eager Oliver, as he dashed in to knock his opponent out of the ring, provided an open target for the calm and experienced Jacobsen and the bout was stopped in the first round. "Fools dash in where angels fear to tread."

W. H. Wilson, 10st. 8lbs., v. E. Willets, 10st. 6lbs. This bout was in the nature of an exhibition, Wilson being a fresher and thus not eligible for the inter-varsity tournament, and Willets being an outsider from Hedberg's gym. The bout was keen, hard and fast.

Middleweight.—R. P. Harpur, 10st. 12lbs., lost to A. W. Doak, 11st. ½lbs. This was another short and snappy fight. Both provided action until an exceptionally hard one floored Harpur and the fight was stopped.

E. Willets, 10st. 6lbs. v. J. Luddon, 10st. 4lbs. These two fighters from Hedberg's gym. provided a good exhibition: hard and fast, it was something the audience appreciated.

G. Cummings, 12st. 61bs., v. A. W. Doak, 11st. 0½lbs. This was another exhibition just to provide George Cummings with some exercises—he certainly got it.

D. Brown v. Bill Paris. These two professionals provided the final exhibition for the evening and a fast, clever display kept the audience on their toes.


The Tramping Club spent last week-end in the Tauherenikau Valley under the leadership of Alec McLeod. As the trip was nominally one to convince freshers of the joys of tramping, as little tramping as possible was done. Two small parties only set forth into the migh mountans, while the remainder of the party lounged about the Chateau.

Saturday evening was spent in pleasant social manner and acrimonious argument. On Sunday a slightly subdued note in keeping with the National Day of Prayer governed the various minor activities of the party, which included eating, drinking, swimming, eating again, and the loss of a 10/- note by the leader.

For details of next trip see main notice board.


Freshers' Tournament this year was its usual social success. The weather came up to scratch with a gloriously fine afternoon, and that was all that was wanted to make a success of the affair.

There was some good freshers in action, and prospects should be quite bright for next year's tourney. The tournament was finally won by Miss Iris Foley, an old hand at the game, and Mr. T. Sewell, a newcomer to our midst.


First practice Emerson Street, April 5th, at 1.30 p.m. See notice board for further details.