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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 4, No. 2. March 26, 1941



Nerves tightened and beat faster as the time for the annual Victoria College Championships approached. For weeks past, the few keen pugilistic enthusiasts smacked that punch bag, and each other, with ever-increasing speed and accuracy—each night, the skipping rope was twirled with greater energy than ever before. Then Thursday, 20th March, 8 p.m., at last arrived.

A small audience in the Wellington Boys' College gymnasium greeted the first contestants for the evening as they stepped into the ring.

Featherweight.—M. W. Wishart, 8st. 9lbs., beat P. Hillyer, 8st. 7lbs. It is indeed unfortunate that Wishart is only a fresher—he proved extremely quick and accurate, and was undoubtedly the winner.

Welterweight.—B. W. Jacobsen. 10st. 8lbs., beat R. L. Oliver, 10st. 8lbs. Those who expected their money's worth in this fight must have been disappointed. The over-eager Oliver, as he dashed in to knock his opponent out of the ring, provided an open target for the calm and experienced Jacobsen and the bout was stopped in the first round. "Fools dash in where angels fear to tread."

W. H. Wilson, 10st. 8lbs., v. E. Willets, 10st. 6lbs. This bout was in the nature of an exhibition, Wilson being a fresher and thus not eligible for the inter-varsity tournament, and Willets being an outsider from Hedberg's gym. The bout was keen, hard and fast.

Middleweight.—R. P. Harpur, 10st. 12lbs., lost to A. W. Doak, 11st. ½lbs. This was another short and snappy fight. Both provided action until an exceptionally hard one floored Harpur and the fight was stopped.

E. Willets, 10st. 6lbs. v. J. Luddon, 10st. 4lbs. These two fighters from Hedberg's gym. provided a good exhibition: hard and fast, it was something the audience appreciated.

G. Cummings, 12st. 61bs., v. A. W. Doak, 11st. 0½lbs. This was another exhibition just to provide George Cummings with some exercises—he certainly got it.

D. Brown v. Bill Paris. These two professionals provided the final exhibition for the evening and a fast, clever display kept the audience on their toes.