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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 4, No. 2. March 26, 1941

Extrav 1941

Extrav 1941

Lase Thursday evening upwards of seventy students responded to a call for a Special General Meeting to discuss whether an Extravaganza should be held this year, and if so, when. The original motions before the meeting were: (a) That the Executive should take immediate steps to ensure the holding of an Extravaganza this year, and (b) That it should be held as early as possible.

The motions were moved by Mr. Witten-Hannah, to the accompaniment of a remark about "Wit-an'-Humour" which Mr. Chorlton had evidently been saving up for some time.

There was soon a delightful mix-up of motions, counter-motions and Lord knows what, and everything was beautifully vague.

Not Alone.

Miss Ross made a plea for the Executive, in a slightly Garboesque manner, and the ubiquitous Mr. Hartley desisted from lewd and crude interjections long enough to put forward the remarkably, for him, cogent suggestion that an Extravaganza divorced from Capping would be a species of "Ye-e-e-e-s Master."

Mr. Collin cited the case of the Extrav. of 1936 when Extrav. had been produced in eleven days as against ten this year. And finally the irrepressible Mr. Winchester stated that all acts of the Executive were null and void as there was not sufficient male representation.

Constitutions were in evidence on all sides, but Mr. Winchester waved an airy hand and said that that was only a triviality and suggested the setting up of a committee to choose the scripts for Extrav.

Mr. Chorlton moved an amendment to the effect that this committee should superintend all matters pertaining to the Extravaganza, and that they should report to the Exec, within twelve days. This was accepted and a committee set up consisting of Misses Ross and Hutchison, and Messrs. Witten-Hannah, Hartley, Williamson and Winchester.