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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z Vol. 3, No. 5.

There's a war on... "

There's a war on... "

So there's a war on? No, you don't say. Who could have told you that no? Ain't it just too bad, and what 'ye going to do about it, sonny? Ain't it just a nice time for getting into that pretty uniform?

The newcomer looked sheepish. Ho was fresh from the country, with a glow like ripe Jonathan in his cheeks, and his eyes liquid like sun on water. I came to get a job, he said. Wanta got into a factory.

You go and join up, boy. Don't you know there's nothing better than fighting for your country. Look at Harry over there - see his arm. His king and country took that. He leaned over and whispered in the boy's ear. Maybe you'll get something took like that.

And Jim the wit said. If you want kids, have 'em before you go. Those new bullets make a hang of a mess. I knew a chap had his doings blown clean away.

The boy blushed.

He doesn't want any kids. He couldn't even if he wanted 'em. He's not old enough!

What's the pay like? said the boy.

Swell! they said. Nine bob a day, an you can't spend it. Can you beat that now? Hey! Here's the recruiting sergeant come for a drink. Here's the chap for you, Sarge!

Wanta join up, aid? Good pay, good meals, good friends, and fine clothes - best in the country! Anyway lot's have a drink... and the same again.

Name taken, address, everything; he couldn't [unclear: escape]. O.K. - he was in the army. He still looked a shy country boy.

They said. [unclear: Hell] Wait till you're out in the trenches; then you'll have some fun.

But Jim the wit said: Better have some before you go, son! They're dirty bitches out there.

The barman said Good luck, boy - give 'em my love!

The veteran said Give 'em what we gave 'om in 1914.

He said, I was going to got a job in a factory; seems I've got something different. S'poso I'd better write to 'em at home. Mightn't be seeing them for some time.

Pick up your traps, blast you! the sergeant said...

Michael du Fresno.