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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z Vol. 3, No. 5.

Ae at Home

Ae at Home

Rumour had it that the Easter Conforence of the Haeramai Club, laid down to be held on June 8th, was going to be a stormy affair. It was - but in no political sense, for all factions were unanamous in instituting a popular front against a common problen. The problem not an urgent and tempestuous d issolutien; the whole Show was uncredit to unstinted and unreserved communal effort.

At the conference itself sixty old stalwarts assembled and there were many faces we had soon before. Stewart wilson, from O.T.C. Trenthan, presided and proliminary matters, such as election of officers, were [unclear: disposed] of with a rapidity born only of predetermind harmony. John Carrad played the piano - somebody else a piano accordian, and everybody sang. Stories and gain recitals of stern experience were exe hanged with a delightful frankness. A most charming supper was served [unclear: continously] and [unclear: [gap — reason: illegible]ingly]. Younger members fought with a stubborn as characteristic of the Colonial

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Anglo-Saxon, to prove equal to the occasion; and it is with regret that we record of a minor few who found the cream cakes a little too much for them.

Towards midnight groups dispersed to various pre-appointed places. There live vivid memories of Ellington and Porter, Korn and Swinburne rollicking to joyous tempo under the capable direction of John Carrad. Some [unclear: fin[gap — reason: illegible]man] who go down to the sea in ships— joined in; and George [unclear: Culliford] developing an intense, yearning for the sea, was rostrained only with difficulty from re-enacting in [unclear: Centennial] [unclear: gesture], the discovery of Wellington Harbour.

Breakfast, and the severance of diplomatic relations with a [unclear: restauranteur], brought a good time to a close. Credit goes to Peter Holthouse, Bruce Orchiston, Roy To Punga and others for capable organisation.

Election of officers resulted as follows: President, Roy Johnston. Vice-President, Roy To Punga. Committoo, Bob Anderson, Geo. Culliford, Bill [unclear: Turnbull]. Secretary, Phil Taylor.

"Blue Domino."

Vol. 3, No. 5. Printed and Published by the Victoria University College Students Association at Salamanca Road, Wellington. 13.6.1940.