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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z Vol. 3, No. 5.


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It seems that the Varsity firsts have at last attained a place in Wellington Rugby which they thoroughly [unclear: deserve]. The Football Club is perhaps the [unclear: keenest] sports club at Varsity and this year their enthusiasm has been rewarded by making their game the premier attraction in next Saturday's series. The example set by this Club is indeed a fine one and sporting clubs of the College night do well to take a lesson from it.

The Harriers have set a high standard in obtain-ing fourth place in the Tahake-karoa Centennial Rolay Race and it is hoped that they can maintain their present form and collect the Dixon Trophy in the N.Z.U. Cross-Country Championships for this year.

In the other branches of sport the performances have not been so outstanding, but we have it on the best of authority that all the teams, and especially, the basketball girls are disporting themselves in a happy manner.


North v South University Match.

A good game in which North forward s were outstanding. They kept on the ball all day and got it from most of the scrums, rucks and line-cuts. The heavy greasy ground suited the heavy North pack better than the rangy South forwards, but that wasn't all the story, as the North put such vim and vigour into their play that the South spent most of the time defending.

Burke, with a solidly packing scrum behind him and a loss and a less experienced opponent in front, gave an "exhibition of hooking". His speed in the [unclear: loose] was very effective, but he beat the pistol new and then.

[unclear: McNicol] and [unclear: Mead] worked hard in the tight and kept going in the [unclear: loose] throughout. They provided a very solid and experienced basis for the scrum.

The other Forth Forwards all went well, especially Armitago (A.U.C.) who was probably the best forward on the ground. He is a big fella who works in the tight and moves with surprising speed in the loose.

The South forward s spent most of the day holding the North. [unclear: Possibly] they [unclear: get] a surprise at the start and it took them a long time to recover.

Churchill at half, did all that was required of him without turning on any fireworks.

Patrick, first five, handled and passed well - moved quickly and "was doing something" all the time.

Kissel at fullback, played a good game without being called upon to do anything spectacular. His line kicking was good and he kicked a nice goal oarly in the game.

Of the other North backs, Bowler (Massey) on the wing, was outstanding. A fast mover with weight and determination. On one be [unclear: occasion] he got the ball at the end of the chain, bumped his way past about three opponents and when blocked, passed o infield to the forwards who carried on the passing to score-a very nice movement.

The South backs did not get much of the ball. Cartwright C.U.C.), on the wing, was dangerous every time he got going. Greene (O.U.), on the other wing, got about only one ehance to how his speed and proved himself a flyer. Donnelly (C.U.C.), at full-[unclear: back], kicked well and "he has the gift of position."

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N.Z.U. Team v Combined Services.

A fair game, not remarkable, but with a superabundance of energetic exhuberance. The Varsity forwards gave their backs a feast of the ball and we spectators, (there were at least seventeen of us), expected to see something from the fast Varsity players.- however Services stood right up on Varsity and Varsity were unable to counter those tactics.

Simpson (Otago), at half, was quick and sent out long swift passes. Stewart (Massey) at first, five, handled perfectly and was a very good link. Kimberly (Canterbury) at second five, had a difficult day. On no occasion did he have much room to move in and usually by the time he got the ball it was useless to hand it on to his centre. He therefore spent most of his time trying to break through. He was successful early on and a try resulted, but a resolute opponent kept him out for the rest of the day. Cartwright at centre, played as though he were on the wing. He kept on bul-locking and passed only as a last resought. The result was that the wings, Bowler and Greene, did not get much of the ball while the were moving at top - which was a pity as both of them are capable of really good football. Donnelly kicked well and again his positional play was excellent.

The Varsity forwards made most of the play, but as the back movements were breaking down, one would have liked to see them take the ball through more often instead of letting it back. The forwards too could have shown more dash in covering up the passing of the backs. There were some very good bouts of short passing among the forwards which might easily have resulted in trios. All in all, because of their failure to make the Services stand deeper the display of the Varsity players was below expectations.


First Fifteen Rugby.

University v Hutt.

University v Eastbourne.

The past two games played by the first fifteen have shown the team in a better light and one of the most heartening features has been the improved defence of the backline. Against Hutt, where a drawn game resulted, Varsity could not hook the ball with any degree of success and yet staunch defence kept the opposition out and the team saved the game.

Against Eastbourne, a [unclear: loss] on paper, the side gave a fine performance and the backs handling smartly, played nice football. However had the side made more use of the wind in the second spell a win could not have but resulted. It was not however the [unclear: toamss] fault that a win was not recorded in this game.

Of the forwards in both games it would be hard to single out any individual, but [unclear: Eadee], against Hutt, played [unclear: splendly]-in fact the game of his life. He load the team, sadly [unclear: depleted], with dash and fire, and was undoubtedly an inspiration. Corkill was another who played really well in a pack which battled to the end.

Against Eastbourne, the forwards were all good and Shannon was at times outstanding, but the scrummages in the game were of such an unsatisfactory nature that it was difficult for good forward play to eventuate.

In the back division in each game sound defence has been the [unclear: keynote]. A very fine game was played by Larkin against Hutt and Greig in the Eastbourne game played solid ily and kicked well at fullback. Parker is improving and against Hutt nearly won the game with a great dash in the last few minutes.

All taken in the performances of the Team are very satisfactory and have earned the side a distinction not accorded since 1931. — that of playing the main game at Athletic Park. So Roll

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Along all Varsity Supporters and Give the Team the Support it [unclear: Desvrees]


The support of a large and enthusiastic band of runners is making this season an enjoyable one.

The novice race held on 27th April, was won by R. M. Daniell in the record time of 12 min. 25 sec., this boating the previous best time by half a minute for the 2½ mile course. The other placings were: O'Flynn, Rowbbrry, de la Mare. MacDowell, in filling [unclear: stuck] place, showed encouraging form.

The highlight of the club's activities so far has been the performance of an eight man team which finished fourth in the A grade of the Takahe=Akaroa centennial relay race. A feature of this 48½ miles race, so far as V.U.C. :was concerned, was the rivalry with the A grade team from C.U.C., which finished only 20 yards or so behind.

In a field of 42 first lap men, Nowall did well, considering the calibre, of his opponents, to finish eleventh. He passed the baton on to Scrymgeour, who in a sterling effort brought our position up to fifth. He was unfortunate to be wounded in a lightning encounter with a barbed wire fence which was unsuccessful in its effort to impede him. De la Mare ran well to maintain the position of fifth, which was held throughout the race. He also suffered an accident on the road, but grinned and here it to the end of his lap. Rowberry performed meritoricusly in the fourth lap, registering second fastest time for the lap. Collins maintained our good standard over a monotonous seven mile stretch to pass the baton to O'Flynn, who showed his fine form by registering third fastest time up a steep hill four and a half miles long. He established here a four minute lead on the C.U.C. man. Honderson held his place in a three mile run down the other side of the hill, followed by a flat and a ridge, and Davey Cairns capably handled the last and most difficult lap, consisting of 7.1/5 miles of hilly, rough road. He did well to lead in the Canterbury University crack runner D.H. Adamson, who set a record of 39 mins for the lap.

Some quick ones at the Metropole, before the bus left Akaroa to catch the Saturday night boat, were the limit of our local celebrations after "The biggest athletic event of its kind held in Australia or New Zealand.".

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Mount Miter - 2nd and 3rd June

In a high wind and driving mist, seventeen of the Tramping Club men climbed [unclear: Mt.] [unclear: Mitre] in the Northern Tararuas. Conditions were a little cold but there was less snow than might have been expected and this was mainly a sort of wind sleet on the [unclear: lee] side of the ridges.

We went into the hills from Masterton. The drives had been very pleasant in the sunshine, and the old men kept us [unclear: amused] with their singing.

Our real business began with a climb up a very high, while Rex pointed out how very much easier it would be if the track followed the [unclear: Waingawa] River through the gorge. After about 2½ hours scrambling through the bush we dropped down to the river and in another half-hour we were at Mitre Flats Hut- but- on the wrong side of the river. Some of us tried to cross on the remaining stands of [unclear: the] old wire brid go, but these who just waded were the less wet in the end.

We passed the evening in story and song. Conversation on politics and war was forbidden but we found another subject of common interest. There were several amusing incidents. page break At intervals Stewart, roaming round inside the hut looking for more stew or a frying pan to pull to pieces, would bang his head on a sort of hanging shelf. There were also interesting tangles of humanity on the bunks, and every now and then a powerful voice would demand "What's a-going' on round here?"

But the night was just too too Devine. We were prevented from sleeping by a plaintive [unclear: screetching] "cats on the roof-tops... cats on the tiles..." It was no use pleading [unclear: to Stewart] and violence could only make him change his [unclear: tune]. He became interested in the stars and pulled the tent down in the cause and course of astronomy. At five past twelve he first began to wish us all good morning - most amiably. He was very hurt whom MacCroary misunderstood him.

But at least no-one slept in. Gurth and Paul got up at two o' clock to make our breakfast, and we were climbing before six. We were rewarded by a very fine sunrise, and a little above the bush-line we surprised a magnificent rod door stag.

We were now climbing into the mist and the wind was very, cold and strong enough to make the [unclear: steeper] parts of the ridges quite tricky. The summit was much like any other snow-covered summit in the mist.

On the descent we salubriated in the sun, fooding and admiring the view of the plains before plunging into the bush. After another food and a sunbathe at the hut we wandered out to the road - some of the more onergetic children swimming down the gorge rather than go back over the hill.

Women's Hockey

Results of the Inter-University Women's Hockey Tournament recently hold at V.U.C. were as follows:-

First round. Second round.
Otago. 9, Victoria 2. Canty 8, Victoria 1.
Canty 4, Auckland 3. Otago 3, Auckland 1.


Canty 2, Otago 1.

Canterbury thus won the Stick. In the contest for the Woodon Spoon Auckland was successful, being defeated by V.U.C. 5-3.