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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 17. August 9, 1939


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End of a Season

Days are slowly lengthening and another winter sports season is drawing to its close. Last Saturday the Rugby seniors, a strangely inconsistent and disappointing team, lost their chance of winning the Hardham Cup by succumbing to Old Boys 11/6. The second fifteen won, and will finish high on the ladder.

Men's and women's hockey is now over. In basketball the senior team has defaulted in its last two engagements.

Harriers have had another successful season. D. E. Scrymgeour, by again winning the Club championship on Saturday, is establishing a claim to be regarded as one of the best V.U.C. harriers in the past ten years. His chances of retaining his New Zealand University title in the championship at Auckland on 19th August are bright and he should be well supported by S. K. Newall, a harrier who has shown marked improvement this season.

L. B. Sandford


With the personnel of the team for the New Zealand University Championships still doubtful, great importance was attached to the harrier club's 6¼ mile club championship at Silverstream on Saturday. Some of last year's team, whose inclusion this year had been rather doubtful, were all out to make the team again, while newer runners wore just as keen to impress the selectors. Consequently the first six places were very keenly contested, resulting in two very close finishes. Newall took the lead at first, but Scrymgeour overtook him along the road in the lost quarter of the first lap Scrymgeour increased his lead in the second lap to finish a comfortable distance ahead of Newall, Burge and O'Flynn, who had run together practically all the second lap, had a great tussle for third place. Burge touching the tape only a few yards ahead of O'Flynn. To gain the next place. Henderson also had to fight hard, and Just got home from de la Mare, whom he had overtaken at the turn on to the finishing ground.

D. R. Scrymgeour

D. R. Scrymgeour

Junior Event

In the Junior event run over one lap of the same course, Canter repeated his previous week's performance by taking the honours. Hitchings made an auspicious first appearance with the Club, finishing second, with Daniell hard at his heels.

Results were as follows:—
  • Championship:—Scrymgeour 1. Newall 2, Burge 3.
  • Sealed Handicap:—Henderson 1, Farquhar 2, Wilkinson 3.
  • Junior:—Canter 1, Hitchings 2, Daniell 3.

On Saturday week, 19th August, a team of six will carry Victoria's colours to Auckland for the New Zealand University Cross Country Championship Contest for the Dixon trophy, presented by Mr. G. F. Dixon, our own president. In 1932. This trophy, which is competed for annually by the four universities, is at present held by Otago. Victoria's last victory was at Wellington in 1937, when Bagnall, Cairns and Horsley were all in the team. Their absence last year made a considerable difference, and the process of formation had to be begun all over again. As a result last year was a lean year in every way, and Victoria was placed third. Although results in the inter-club races this year have not been very promising we should produce better results in the Universities contest. It is expected that the strongest opposition will come from Auckland, who have a very strong team and who will have the advantage of being on their home ground.

This year's team is composed of Scrymgeour, Newall, O'Flynn, [unclear: Bender-son], de la Mare, Farquhar.

Of last year's team Scrymgeour, Newall, O'Flynn and Farquhar are all in action again. Scrymgeour, present New Zealand University Champion, is as hit as ever, and should be able to turn on another good performance. Newall has progressed wonderfully since last season, when he first made the team. He has beaten Scrymgeour twice and been beaten by him twice, so these two should be well to the fore. The other two members of last year's team. O'Flynn and Farquhar, have been back numbers all the season, but O'Flynn produced his old form on Saturday last, running a splendid race. On his performance in the provincial championships he would not be in the team, but if he can maintain his present form will certainly Justify his inclusion. Farquhar seems to have begun to take things seriously over the last few weeks and should be capable of doing plenty of damage to the opposition in Auckland. Being in the team for several seasons he has plenty of experience to back him up.

Other New Men

The other two men, De la Mare and Henderson, are new to the team, but both have forged ahead with hard training and have certainly merited their inclusion. De la Mare, although very young, has some fine performances to his credit this season, and until last Saturday was the third best man of the team. Henderson, who has been running in the fast pack for only a few weeks, has made good progress in that time, and his last two races have been very fine efforts.

On the whole the harriers feel assured that they are ably represented, and oven though the boys may not win the trophy, they will do their level best for the green and gold, and there will be no need to be ashamed of their efforts.

Next Saturday a run from Island Bay bathing sheds at 2.15 p.m.

Members are reminded of the annual dinner on 9th September, and to place their names on the notice provided on the notice-board if they intend to be present.

Table Tennis

The success of the Table Tennis Club's activities for the season is clearly indicated by the enthusiasm shown in the championships, at present well under way. The four club teams have performed creditably and have-effectively introduced V.U.C. to inter-club table tennis.

Of the inter-club players, MacLeod is losing his slightly erratic tendencies is losing his slightly erratic tendencies and is maintaining a more consistent standard. Terry Journet is still playing a fast open game. His forehand attacking shot is as difficult to return as MacLeod's service. Bert Foley is earning a reputation for reliability in the top team and can always be relied upon to contribute his quota of games. Rashbrooke, last year's champion, is in fine form and will be very hard to beat again.

Still unbeaten, the "D" grade team have every chance of winning their section, if not the grade championship. Terry Sweeney, always a hard man to beat, has played exceptionally well at times. Fred Brooker, Eddie Robertson and Jack Stafford played splendidly in their matches and show every promise of improving further.

Jack Stafford has been included in the Wellington rep, team under 18. He is to be heartily congratulated on his selection.

Although it has met with a few reverses, the second "D" grade team has benefited from inter-club matches and the players are improving with every round.

The Girls' Team

This team in the "E" grade has found the opposition rather too strong at times, but it has always managed to force the Issue all the way.

Of the girls generally, Kath. Pears and Doris Johannesson are perhaps the keenest contestants for the singles title, although Pat. Ralph, who played very well in last year's championships, will be hard to bout. Shirley Grinlinton and Lila Marshall are also well in the running.

Through lack of practice, Marie Fletcher is not playing quite as well as last year, and was defeated in the singles by Molly Moody, a player with a very capable defence but a lack of confidence in attack. Star Chalk and Marie Best are both impressive players and Star, in particular, has a most effective backhand.

We would urge all contestants in the championships to complete their matches as soon as possible.—R.R.

Yes, fair nymphs depicted above are all our own girls—women students' gym, class, meets Thursdays (7.15 to 8 p.m.) under virile Helen Macdonald, up-to-the-minute physical exponent from Y.W.O.A. Picture shown girls posed in movements typical of attractive exercises presented, designed to keep our women healthy, agile, graceful. Helen Maysmor, class guardian, announces scoop; Bunch this Thursday will meet under Professor Gertrude Bodenwiesser, of State Academy, Vienna, first European Professor of Modem creative dancing. Class will meet as usual during vacation; plans to put on sparking demonstration in a few weeks.

Yes, fair nymphs depicted above are all our own girls—women students' gym, class, meets Thursdays (7.15 to 8 p.m.) under virile Helen Macdonald, up-to-the-minute physical exponent from Y.W.O.A. Picture shown girls posed in movements typical of attractive exercises presented, designed to keep our women healthy, agile, graceful. Helen Maysmor, class guardian, announces scoop; Bunch this Thursday will meet under Professor Gertrude Bodenwiesser, of State Academy, Vienna, first European Professor of Modem creative dancing. Class will meet as usual during vacation; plans to put on sparking demonstration in a few weeks.


Meeting Wellington College Old Boys at Kelburn on Saturday. 'Varsity were defeated 11 points to 5, in a hard-fought game, which 'Varsity might easily have won, though it is doubtful if a win would have been deserved.

Outstanding player in the 'Varsity side was Burke, the captain, who gave an outstanding exhibition. He was on the ball from the beginning to the end and he was very unlucky in not scoring two tries.

Undoubtedly the best rake In Wellington, Burke also far surpasses all other hookers in general play and representative honours in his case would be well deserved.

On Saturday University's tackling was good and in a second spell in which they were on defence for long periods, the backs tackled really well and kept the Old Boys from adding to their score. The whole forward pack battled well and McVeagh was very prominent for heady play. He is an ideal back row forward. Meads was out again after a long absence on the bank and he kept going well. Jim Parker has certainly built up a strong forward division and it is to be hoped that next season a stronger back line will support it.

Consistent Rae

In the backs Rae was again very good and he has performed very consistently this season. A very game half, he is one of the best the Club has ever had. Parker was good at first five-eighths and scored a fine try. The other backs all tackled well and Larkin made several nice dashes. The backs do not function smoothly, however, and the lack of a back of Wild's calibre has been one of the team's disabilities.

Tricky play in a line-out, 'Varsity v. Old Boys on Saturday. 'Varsity lost 11-3. Muddy rear of Burke (2) and Mead (5) faces us; Eade (nearer) and Stacey tussle supplicatingly for ball; McVeagh waits, poised, in background.

—("Evening Post" Photo.)

With the side In Senior A it is however to be expected that more recruits will Join the Club in the future and with the sound forward division that the Club possesses there will be every opportunity for promising backs to show their ability in the future. The Junior A fifteen is promising as is the Third A team and from these teams there is every likelihood of gaining the brilliant backs that the Club needs to-day.—J.A.C.

The Social Team

Once again the Social Team should finish well up the championship ladder. Tradition forbids a lowly rung and the social players are usually useful [unclear: footbalars] as well.

While every member of the team has acquitted himself nobly on the field of battle (for instance. Jim Moore's heroic effort at Karori when ho laid the enemy low with one mighty blow) some of the players perhaps merit special mention.

In Osler's Boots

Skipper Jack Jeffs has boon emulating the feats of Bennie Osier and several neat field goals stand to his credit. At full-back that staunch socialist. Bonk Scotney, has been a tower of strength.

It seems the decent thing to do to mention Barney Campbell's dive pass. Pat Feltham, at centre, has taught the opposition a lot of points.

Among the forwards, Jack Porteous was a hard toiler until he lost his teeth. The same applies to Malcolm Mason until he lost some ribs. There has been no more consistent forward than Jim Halpin. In the line-outs Gregory has frequently been outstanding.

Altogether the team has done well and the social spirit and spirits have been Just as much in evidence as

Winter Tournament

Dear "Salient."

With the annual N.Z.U. Cross Country Championship race for the Dixon Trophy only a week or ho away now it is an opportune time to raise once again the question of amalgamating this tournament with the other Winter Sports fixtures.

I was one of the College Harrier Club's representatives to the N.Z.U. Harrier Council mooting in Dunedin after last year's contest and the matter was brought up there and a resolution passed recommending consideration by the N.Z.U. Tournament Committee. This consideration was accordingly given and it was announced during the Tournament that, such an event as a Winter Tournament was considered to be Impossible because of billeting difficulties.

Granting the Tournament Committee and the N.Z.U.S.A. Executive are more competent to Judge and that their decision that a Winter Tournament embracing all winter sports including those held now at Easter, (Basketball and Boxing), is impossible, there seems to be no reason why the existing winter fixtures, the men's and women's hockey and the cross-country race, could not be combined. As far as billeting is concerned it should be remembered that the women's hockey and the Dixon Trophy race were both held in Dunedin last year within a month of each other. Further than this, the probable hosts of hockey players are not the same people as will be called on to billet the harriers. From the social point of view too, a tournament consisting exclusivity of women and one consisting exclusively of men could only gain by amalgamation.

From the practical point of view the permanent Monday holiday afforded by the observance of the King's Birthday on the first Monday in June seems to offer a weekend sufficiently long to allow of the conduct of all the events involved.—F.D.O'F.

Senior Reserve Hockey

The long-awaited clash between the two 'Varsity teams in this grade was somewhat a disappointment as far as the standard of play of the First team was concerned. The game did not produce the fireworks that were expected, and Dave Good's team seemed to be only a shadow of its former self—when for Instance they played a meritorious drawn game against Island Bay the previous week. Playing one full-back short, the defence was sorely tried, especially in the second half. George Whitham was the outstanding player in the team, his stick-work and tenacity on a poor ground, being excellent Ian Purdle playeda sound game, especially on defence. Good seems to play a peculiar type of game, hard hitting but at times ineffective from a tactical point of view. More finesse would improve his play.

Sandford at full-back had two men's work to do at times. The fast forwards in the opposing team did not suit his play, although on several occasions he made very good clearances. He should endeavour to restrict his 'One hand' play to a minimum. Of the forwards, started off promisingly but seemed to lack finish and devil. He was unlucky not to snore on one occasion. A. McIntosh was the best of the forwards, being always up on the ball. McAllister (right wing) has a tendency to over-run the ball, and does not seem to use his speed to advantage. The score 3-0 was a fair Indication of the run of play.

For the winners the shrewd efficiency of Dr. Campbell at left-half was a match-winning factor. He and Arthur Long, at centre-half, initiated attack after attack in the second half. One of the club's most experienced players. Long has a sound knowledge of tactics and seldom plays a poor game. At right-half, John Till was not so prominent as Long and Campbell. He is a rapidly improving player, however, and has proved a very sound link in the strong defence of his team.

Spiers, a nuggety bustling centre forward of the George Shaw type, scored two goals. Kingi Tahiwi hit the other one—an unsighted head high shot from a corner. He and the mobile Roger Kirkham wore too strong a combination at full-back for the opposing forwards. Their effectiveness left Ian Allen in goal with little to do. Allen has improved to a marked extent this season and is now probably very little inferior to D.A. Beresford.

A Ives was a fast right wing and most of the team's attacks were wisely launched down his side.

Island Bay emerge as the grade champions, but although they defeated the 'Varsity Second team some weeks ago, they would probably not do so now. A fortnight ago they wore fortunate to escape with a 2-all draw against Good's men.

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