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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 16. August 2, 1939

The Executive Meets

The Executive Meets

The other evening 'Salient' happens along, as usual, to the mooting of the executive, and finds a full and earnest gathering of the elect of V.U.C. it is a peaceful meeting, but lends to get grim as the night wears on: several interesting matters are discussed.

Before matters are well under way, Mr. Meek rushes in and mumbling something about 'the body,' dashes out amidst the plaudits of the multitude. The reason is not far to seek for the 'Body' proves to be the Joynt Scroll, a massive shield in silver and oak. 'Salient' inspects it closely and is amazed to find that V.U.C. has been the victors on no less than 14 occasions out of 32: C.U.C. is next with 9 . . . Floreat Victoria.

We Hour That:

Paul Schramm gives a recital in the gym. on August 7th. When further information re the programme is asked for by Miss Maysmor, Mr. Hatherley strings out the list of composers, and, we are surprised to say, confesses that 'he has never heard of some of them.'

The Table Tennis Club are not a well behaved club, and appear to have no idea of their proper place in the scheme of things ... for instance. It appears they do not even know how to stack forms carefully. There is some vague talk of a chicken coop but some mystery seems to be attached to it, for Miss Ross applies the closure and no more is heard of it.

Who broke the locks on the women's cloak room lockers, appears to be the next burning question, with the men appearing somewhat unconcerned and the women determined to break down the wall of solid inertia. The Secretary is finally commissioned to obtain quotations for the repairs; the ladles appear satisfied, although aspersions are cast on the Secretary for no good reason.

Damage done by water at the Opera House during the Extrav. this year by certain irresponsibles, costs the Student Association the sum of £8/13/7. The question of the culprits is mentioned but apparently the miscreant 13 without honour for he does not confess. The thought strikes us that perhaps it was cheap at the price . . . we may have lost the Opera House for good.

Correspondence from other colleges produces some interesting material, notably from Canterbury where a committee which has been investigating 'The Lecture System and Curricula.' It duly produces a lengthy document which, inter alia, states:
(1)That popular lectures should be given throughout the year for the benefit of all students irrespective of their faculty.
(2)Students should be given the opportunity to attend lectures in subjects in which they are interested outside their own course.
(3)These facilities should also be extended to graduates who wish to maintain their intellectual interest at College.

The V.U.C. exec, gives the idea of a Student Congress its fullest support but will the students give it their support?

The idea, briefly, is to run the congress somewhat on the lines of the Teachers' Summer School, with lectures and discussion groups together with organised hikes, excursions and motor trips. It is hoped to obtain accommodation at some town near Wellington: the congress to take place late in the Xmas vacation.

We learn, finally, that the working bee is abandoned—either through insufficient support or ... or something. Anyway a bulldozer did it.