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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 15. July 26, 1939

[Letter from Albion to Salient Vol. 2, No. 15. July 26, 1939]

Dear "Salient."—I noticed that at a recent debate the following was carried; "That Russia is the spearhead of modern civilisation."

It is hard to understand how, in the light of facts published regarding Russia, such a motion could ever have received consideration in a University, let alone endorsement.

Even Socialists must know that Socialism in Russia has failed, that liberty is non-existent, and that there exists a ruthless atheistic dictatorship which, coupled with the proverbial Russian inefficiency, has made the country one of the most backward in the world.

However, the question that concerns one is whether those who sponsored and supported the motion are advocates of an alliance between Britain and Russia. It is no use mincing matters on this subject. If Britain desires s coalition of peace-loving nations, then Russia is the last country with which she should ally herself.

It cannot be denied that the Soviet's objective is world revolution. Moscow admits it, so it is useless for our local vest pocket Communists to try to tell us anything different. The only bone of Communism lies in a world war, upon which the chance may come for it to build a monstrous international and God-hating state. The only hope for peace lies in Christianity something for which the Soviet has no use. I would refer your readers to the London "Times" of April 15 last, in which Professor H. A. Smith. Professor of International Law at London University gave the remedy for the international chaos as "an openly avowed return by the remaining Christian powers to Christian principles of State action both in internal and external affairs." He declared that the principles of international law could only be found in the common acceptance of the Christian faith.

Under those circumstances it is illogical to suppose that peace could possibly come from an alliance with the Soviet, which has militant atheism as the very fundamental of its philosophy, and which aims at destroying religion and spreading Communism through the world. If Britain fights in military alliance with Russia then every Christian worthy of the name must be a conscientious objector.—I am, etc.,


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