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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 15. July 26, 1939

Gossip — The Things They Say:


The Things They Say:

King Braybrooke: Dancing is just walking with a woman in the way.

Hep Downes, concluding a letter: Yours till Hitler founds a synagogue.

Ernest Beaglehole: If only people were born as conventional as adults and grew up with the originality and curiosity of children....

Jack Johanneson: The monetary system of the world is breaking down. You can tell that by Mr. Nash's visit to London.

And from the new speakers' debate on free medical attention.

One young lady: And what are we going to do about maternity services? Do they expect babies to be born between 9 and 6?

Elma Johnson: Well, you might have a 40-hour week for labour.

We liked that interjection in the Russian debate some time ago, too.

Mr. Scotney, summing up fiercely: There's been a lot of talk to-night about the number of peasants who have been liquidated. Can you tell [unclear: ine] the name of one single peasant who has been liquidated?

Gurth Higgin: Can you tell me the anme of one who hasn't?

Truth Poster: Alleged Whisky Still in Mountains.

Harold Gretton: Which just goes to prove the old, old legend 'There's b'ars in them that hills."

Curious Soul: What do you think of Salient?

John Bullock: There isn't enough to read in it.

Curious Soul: ?

John Bullock: Well, you can whip thro' it in 20 minutes, and then what are you going to do with the other 30 minutes?

Have you heard the story about Bill Mitchell's trousers?

Who is "The Tall Waving Cornstalk" growing in the desert?

It is understood that the proposal to establish at the College a group for the study of International Relations has received the most distinguished support.