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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 8. May 31, 1939

God Defend New Zealand

God Defend New Zealand

"It is not too late yet to save a headlong financial slide if the Government will drastically curtail expenditure on unproductive luxuries and get men into reproductive employment."

Letter in "The Evening Post,"

"I don't know how we are going to get on about Lent next year," said another grocer. Tinned fish is always in demand during Lent and our sales before Easter were very heavy. We have this to be thankful for; the Government waited till Lent was over before announcing the 100 per cent, restriction on tinned fish."


"You boys are getting far too much. If you had to work for every penny of it, It would be different," said Mr. Justice Heed, in the Supreme Court. Hamilton, when a young witness gave evidence about a drinking party held in his hotel room. When his Honour asked the youth what wages lie was receiving, he replied that he was earning £3/1/6 a week."


"When I think of the men to-day who want the nation to do everything for them, it gives me the cold shivers." said the Minister of Public Works, the Hon. R. Semple, in opening the Whirokino trestle bridge, near Foxton. Mr. Semple bad just asked the assembly to bow heads in memory of the pioneers who had blazed the trail from Wellington to Wanganui 100 years ago. "Our trials in life are infinitesimal compared with their battle against the forces of nature," he said. "May God in His wisdom grant them a generous corner in His Great Haven of Rest. Those today who want the nation to do everything for them will get short shrift from me," the Minister continued. "I often wonder where they come from... I don't think they were born at all, but just happened under a wet blanket on a cold winter's morning."

—"New Zealander."

"A significant local incident marking the wreck of Marasyk's life-work was the picture of Professor R. M. Algie, Consult for Czechoslovakia in Auckland and New Zealand's new apostle of freedom taking down the arms of the Republic on orders from Berlin, and in its place we will see the hooked cross of the unspeakable Nazis."

—"N.Z. National Review,"

It is a tradition that British [unclear: yolty] does not grant interviews to [unclear: urnalists]. This rule is observed strictly in the United Kingdom, and in the rare moments when reporters talk with members of the [unclear: Roy] Family they refrain from obeying the instinct of their calling and treating the privilege as an "interview."

—"Dominion" Editorial.