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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 8. May 31, 1939

A New Type of Man

A New Type of Man.

Mr. A. Tauson-Hassler, President of the Goteborg Nation." or students club, at Uppsala University, aptly expressed the purpose of the assembly at the opening session:

"In face of the world's need." he said, "our task is to build something creative, something absolutely new, a new civilization through a new type of map. The purpose of the Nordic Assembly is that professors, lecturers, teachers, parents and students shall together take responsibility for an educational system that shall meet the needs of the nation. The greatest task of our generation is to teach people to live together.

The phrase "a new type of man" is a familiar one in Sweden to-day as the result of the writing of Sven Stole, one or Sweden's greatest living authors, whose whole outlook was recently changed from cynicism and despair to constructive hope through the forces of Moral Re-Armament. The "Ny Manniskotyp" is: "The man whose instincts are to live and work in fellowship, the man who is open, free and fearless, and takes responsibility for the needs of his nation who loves his country and obeys God."

The new type of man is contrasted with those types which make up the negative forces of the world to-day— the "protest man." who is critical without being constructive — the "masked man." who is afraid to show his feelings—the "[unclear: arectator] man," who is unwilling to take responsibility. "In every age." said Professor Skard. "man has survived only if he could adapt himself to a changed, environment. We have reached a new stage in civilization, but mankind seems morally unfitted to survive. We must make a deliberated step in evolution and produce the kind of man who is adapted to the new conditions."