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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 18 August 3, 1938

Peter and Wendy Haus, Hirschegg, bel Oberstdorf, in Allgan, Germany, March 27th

Peter and Wendy Haus,

Hirschegg, bel Oberstdorf, in Allgan, Germany,

This address looks rather complicated but it is our skiing hut (euphemistically called "chalet") up the side of the Henberg (a mountain) and it is even more complicated as one never knows whether it is in Austria or Germany (particularly now they are joined). Actually we are across the official boundary and in Austria, but the official boundary is so impossible for administrative purposes that the Germans administer this valley and the customs and administrative boundary is further up (It rather shows up the brilliant boundary drawing at Versailles), yet you buy Austrian stamps and (worse luck) pay Austrian postage rates on letters. We came out here just a day or two after Hitler had marched into Austria and found the Germans very excited about it and pleasantly amazed that there had not been more violent opposition from England. Despite Hitler's message to Mussolini assuring him that he had no designs on the South Tyrol, there were many excited rumours flying round that Mussolini was going to give them back the South Tyrol: the individual Germans are far from regarding the Brenner as a natural boundary: the South Tyrol they still call a "bleeding sore."

"Still Life"

"Still Life"

(Arranged by New Zealand Defence League)