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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 10 June 8, 1938

The Olive Branch

The Olive Branch

Dear "Salient,"—

Thank you for the free advertisement. We appreciate your quip—is that the right term?—and acknowledge our vanquishment. But we wouldn't have it thought that we didn't expect It. We wrote our answer (in anticipation, as it were!) on the same day. It still holds good.

We do not apologise to "Salient." To do so were to admit insult, and thereby give injury. We merely extend in all seriousness the hand we gave in (perhaps Ill-timed) humour. We hope it will be as readily returned!

We like "Salient," We admire its virility. What is more, we subscribe to its coffers as well as—in another sense—to its editorial policy: that is the mark of our good faith.

We are in no way opposed. What "Salient" has succeeded, so well in doing at Salamanca, we are trying to do further up the hill. If the results are dissimilar, then the key lies perhaps in a diversity of Interest. We are all destined for one profession, you for many. But most of us are at Victoria too. We have dual loyalties, but there need be no friction. The objects of "Student Opinion" are essentially to give cultural unity to the T.C. In this work It differs in nowise from that of "Salient" at the V.U.C. But what is more—and this we realised from the first—our aim would be utterly obstructed by creating friction with other bodies with similar tendencies.

We simply refuse to do it!

Wishing you well, sincerely yours. "Student Opinion."

Spence Combs.

Anton Vogt.