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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 8 May 5, 1938

This Purge

This Purge

"It is evident that students ought to be, held in higher regard by non university people. They ought to be the leaders of youth in any country, for they are best able to combine the enthusiasm and ideals of youth with social knowledge and trained minds."

That is not an unctuous parson talking to the mothers of sons, but the considered opinion of a Sydney university student writing in "Honi [unclear: Soil]." their official paper. Further more he goes on to say:—

"They should realise best of all the fault of society, and should be able to direct the most telling criticism and the most constructive ideas towards the rectification of those faults."

"Procession can serve a very useful purpose in administering a kind of mental purgative to the public if students. Realising the power in their hands, will take the opportunity or using it wisely. Processions have been responsible for many shrewd thrusts at current social injustice and cant." That is a Queensland opinion.

It is particularly significant this week.

All over Australia, in Canada, in Britain, and at the other universities in New Zealand, students are given this scope for debunking dogmas and pointing the finger of ridicule at sham and conservatism. Because Professor Shelley bus said that the limitation of freedom of speech depends on the intelligence of speakers is there a slur on Victoria? "Speech in the form of blatant phcards and rollicking harangues in the Post Office Square has a carrying power that no argument at an orderly debate nor at any lecture to passive students can ever each Admittedly there are features of parochial. Political and domestic current events that would be the healthier for an effective mental purgative" in Wellington.

Admitted, too that processions have the force of ridicule and satire to give weight to the Irivolity that is usually associated with Capping celebrations. Because buffoonery is featured it does follow that student processions cannot be an effective purging agent. But when the "agent" is itself purged what is left?

It is painful, this myopia