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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 8 May 5, 1938

Revelry by Night

Revelry by Night

Extravaganza—Undergrad's Supper—Capping—Capping Ball.

Just names—but they mean a marvelous week for all those Wikitorians who are keen enough to take an active part in the festivities.

Already almost a hundred stalwarts are sweating under the strain or Extrav, rehearsals; night after night the gym rocks with the stampeding of male and female ballets and resounds with the sparkling songs that are such an attractive part of this year's shows.

And what are you doing?

What's that? Nothing? But there are lots of things you can do. You can sell Cappicades. You can be an usher at the Opera House. You can sell Extrav. tickets. You must, of course, attend Extrav., Undergrad's Supper, the Capping Ceremony, and the Capping Ball, and bring as many eligible friends and relations as possible to all functions.

And there's no need to feel hypocritical about it. Because the show really is the best for years.

Adam Baba.

"Adam Baba and the Forty Leagues" will surely go down to posterity as "the Extravaganza which swayed a General Election." But although the play takes a definite political slew-point. Its brilliant wit and catchy songs lend to soften its message. Wait till you see Guy [gap — reason: illegible] as Mr. Messtin K.C.—It's a treat, And John Carrad's lovely little song. "Let's Go and Organizer League is bound to be a hit. The play abounds in pointed satire, snappy dialogue and ingenious situations, and coming as it does immediately after he snappy little show "A Banned Item." will prove even more popular than Us Illustrious predecessor "Bob." And that's saying a lot. The Eastern (Male) Ballet to the air of "In a Persian Market is simply lovely.

Port Nick Iniquity.

The inimitable Carrad (plus the inevitable cigarette) has been seen strumming inelegantly on the piano in the gym for the last week, surrounded by tea or twenty youth, singing "Treasure Trove." Occasionally we also hear a little rhymed (?) verse being recited. "Port Nick Iniquity." the third successive Inter lewd that John has written and produced promises to be the best of the three. The male ballet will again be the salient feature (remember the Rush in Ballet last year?); and three other original Cared songs will he lustily bawled. Paul Taylor sings "Treasure Trove" in a style which reminds "Salient" of the great Martin Liddle.

Olympian Nights.

"Brave New Zealand"—"The Plutocrats—and now in the same tradition Ron Meek has perpetrated "Olympian Nights." described as a "musical whimsicality [gap — reason: illegible] paroxysms."

Well, it's certainly musical. Dick Hutchens. Lloyd Black, and Bill Austin have each written the music for a splendid song. The chorus or the Reporters of Verities is extremely cute; the Chorus of the Gods magnificent; and "Rollo the Ravaging Roman" is the cleverest piece of work seen in Extrav. for years.