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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 8 May 5, 1938

In Addition

In Addition.

Flushed with success and the use of an adding machine. Counsel for the informants then surveyed the actuarial field and followed up fast by rending the following statement on behalf of his clients, who preferred not to appear before the Court as they had been unable to get their hands clean. The statement read:

"The Defendant has recently announced his intention of purloining from every citizen a sum equivalent to 1/- for every £1 of his income. Many of those affected are of inproposes to delve into the purses of these unfortunate well-to-do equally with those who will share his subsequent hospitality. In order to sustain the ever-growing demands of his extravagant mode of life he relies on finding bigger and deeper pockets as the years proceed. Our tailors are emphatic that pockets will not be made deeper next season. The informants feel it their public duty to notify the Court of these facts in view of the natural reluctance of the well-to-do to appear as witnesses and thereby draw the Defendant's attention to them as prospective victims. National thrift by degrees is being decimated, and before long the Defendant's financial surplus must approach the square root of minus one."

Counsel maintained that the above statement was actuarially and trigonometrically irrefutable. At the same time he desired to stress the fact that the informants were not actuated by any malice against the Defendant, and in fact had on various occasions given him left-off clothing. They merely desired to save the Defendant from the excesses of his own generosity due to his delusion that four times one was better than four plus nothing.