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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 4 March 30, 1938

Simple—But Profound

Simple—But Profound.

"What is the Christian faith? if we ask this question of a selection of people, we get a variety of answers, and many people would think rightly so. In the interpretation of Christianity, it is said, everyone is entitled to his own opinion. I question the validity of that view. Everyone is not so entitled. We have listened to judgments of scientists on the structure of the atom and the nature of wireless waves and we would not dream of querying their opinions, But these complicated things are simple compared with the profundity of the Christian faith, which is so profound that only simple people can [unclear: under] day—only clever.

"The simplicity and definiteness of Christianity [unclear: He] these two aspect of it first the centre of Christianity is Jesus Christ. He lived and died and rose again from the dead. This is a fact and we can either accept or reject it. The New Testament says Christ died for us Provided that is true, we can either accept it or turn our backs. We cannot argue about facts-it is only the interpretation of facts on which people differ. It is said that Jesus died for us as the Son of God. It is for us to say whether there is a God or not.

"A second fact solves this problem. In an argument with a disbeliever, the Christian may asked for proof that there is a God. He can in reply, ask for proof that there is no God. Both stand on exactly the same ground, and they both have their faith. The disbeliever's faith is that there is no God.