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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 4 March 30, 1938

Let's Get Together

Let's Get Together.

"We've got to get together, Germany and Great Britain." urged the Count. "You're already letting us in thought the back door—the back door you see? That's where you let your friends in You wait a few years and—by Jove:—you will see."

The Countess burst in again. "Come, Felix, you must get ready. We must go!" she said. The telephone was ringing insistently but no one seemed to take my notice. The Count, still talking and waving his arms turned to go. "Here, look at this." he said. Handing me a telegram. "See what they say about me!"

[unclear: The as follows]:—

Count Von Luckner.

Opera House. Wellington

Unable to attend, accept assurance that French veterans consider you the whitest, most gentleman-like and human ex-enemy ever God bless you.

Alexander Epstein,

French Reserve.

"Ach." said the Countess, rushing into the room, "you have to carry this man to get him anywhere.

"Come." said the Count, coming into the room with a coat under his arm and officer's cap on his head. "we will walk downstairs."

So we walked downstairs and the Count talked propaganda.

"Do you realise that there are six million Germans under foreigner domination? You English—you have never been under u foreign power—you do not know what it is like. By Jove, it is terrible! But Germany and England will get together—you wait! —and everything will be fixed. If Germany and England combine, there will be no League of Nations and no war—and the world will be ruled by the two whitest nations And by the Jove, Chamberlain knows it—he knows how to do it!"

And as I walked away. I had a strange vision—of Hitler and Neville Chamberlain sitting on a double throne like twin kings of Baratarla, ruling the world. And the throne was set on top of the world, and round it were millions of people with their arms upraised and shouting "Hell!"

And as the vision faded. I thanked whatever gods may be that this was only a vision, and that the man who had dreamed it was a hearty happy go lucky German sailor, who had read Lowell Thomas's book about himself so much that he had begun to believe in it.