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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol 1, No. 1. March 9, 1938

The Statesman

The Statesman

"What is the Government's attitude towards the University?" asked "Salient."

"The Government's attitude to the improvement of the educational system in general and the University in particular is that all facilities at our disposal will be provided, but so that the maximum amount of freedom will be given to the University authorities."

"Should University, students have the right of free speech at University meetings?"

Unqualified Freedom.

"Certainly they should. The object of the University is to get people to think, and if they can [unclear: not][gap — reason: illegible] they think the whole work of the University is nullified. I would qualify that statement, of course, by saying that if a speaker uses language the expression of which is an offence against the obscenity law he should be stopped, but this is the only qualification."

Et Tu, Nash?

"Are University students qualified to hold political opinions?"

Mr. Nash laughed.

Caricture of Walter Nash

"Well, what opinions can be held other than political opinions?

"There are religious, social and philosophical questions, and problems of conduct. One of the objects of the University is to provide the environment, together with the material, for the mind to function. Upon the functioning of the mind depends the good or ill of the community. The opinions of University students, however, should not be respected merely because the holders of those opinions are University students—although they may have more facilities than the ordinary man—but should be valued according to their own Intrinsic worth.

Statement, not Status.

"It is my belief that the weight of a certain person's statements., should be judged not only by his status but by [unclear: the] value of the statement Itself. But University students are potentially more qualified than the average man in that they have more information at their disposal. However, book-learning is only one of the factors; life and experience are important in the formation or political beliefs. I do not of course, mean that all a student gains from a University is book learning."