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Samoa Under the Sailing Gods



Under the terms of the Mandate, Samoa was to be administered as an integral portion of the Dominion of New Zealand, who might apply the laws of New Zealand to the Territory, subject to such local modifications as they might require.

While in jail in New Zealand, Tamasese invoked the aid of Habeas Corpus. The Supreme Court then decided that as page 255the Mandate was from the League of Nations and not from the King, the Habeas Corpus Act did not apply to Samoa.

On his return to Samoa, in June 1929, Tamasese was greeted before landing with a summons for the same tax for which he had already been arrested and jailed. He suppressed this fact at the time from the many thousands of people who had assembled to give him welcome. He walked ashore over a long bridge of boats, fully manned, set stem to stern, the oars of the rowers raised in salutation. Feasting and festivities continued at Vaimoso for three days. A number of Europeans were present and were entertained, including officers and tourists from the Tofua.