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Samoa Under the Sailing Gods



During his visit to New Zealand, Mr. Meredith had printed and distributed a pamphlet setting forth the position in Samoa. This provoked the following circular from General Richardson:

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"Mau" Committee At Vaimoso(Tamasese Second Row Centre)

"Mau" Committee At Vaimoso
(Tamasese Second Row Centre)

page 225

"Administrator's Circular To 'Faipules'"

"Office of the Administrator,

"26th March, 1927.

"During Mr. Meredith's trip to New Zealand he published a statement on Samoa which was sent to different people. That statement is rebellious and contains lying words. I have not done anything to him, because that publication was made prior to the passing of the new Ordinance, on the 13th of this month, imposing a penalty of one year's imprisonment on anyone resisting and undermining the authority and dignity of the Faipule, District Fono, Village Committees, etc.; but whereas the publication of that pamphlet or any other similar paper in Samoa after that date will make the person doing such a thing guilty (whether that person be a European or a Samoan) and he will be punished according to the new law, you are to notify your district that there is now only one law for Samoans and Europeans. In past days it was not possible to punish Europeans who created trouble for Samoan people, but the Samoans only were punished. Now I have made a law to strike at all, Samoans and Europeans, so that Samoa may be protected from people who ferment trouble.

"You will make this matter quite plain to the chiefs and orators of your District, and you will forward to me the names of traders in your district who have tried to induce your district to defy their Government in the past few months. Send me a letter containing this information, and address the envelope direct to me.

"Geo. S. Richardson,


As a result no doubt of this final behest, three traders' licences were improperly (vide Royal Commission) cancelled.