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The Whaling Journal of Captain W. B. Rhodes: Barque Australian of Sydney 1836 - 1838

6. Signals from the 'Australian' to the Whale Boats

page 97

6. Signals from the 'Australian' to the Whale Boats

[From the Captain's 'Rough Day-Book']
Whales Ahead Jib up and down 2 or three times
Weather Bow Weather clew of the ∗Fore Topsail (∗ or Top Gallant Sail)
Lee do Lee do do do do
Starbd. Beam Ensign at the Mizen
Larbd. do Union Jack do
Astern Ships Burgee Blue & white
Weather Quarter Brail the Mizen up and have it out 2 or 3 times.
Lee Quarter Brail the Mizen up and let it remain so
Whales between the Ship and the Boats Masthead Flag up and down and half Mast
One Boats recall Whiff1 at the Gaff
Recall for all Boats Ensign at the Gaff
Distance of Whales from the Ship to be indicated by small Flags at the Mizen Gaff one to a mile.
Whales to windward of the weather Boat Two Flags at the Mizenpage 98
Whales to Leeward of the Boats Two Flags at the Gaff

Boat fast to a Whale and wants assistance—

One Whiff

Stove Boat and wants assistance—

All the whiffs, or not less than one head and stern; the nearest Boat must go to her assistance as well as the Ship.

Should a Strange Ship be in company and it is not desirous that she should understand the signals they are all to be reversed.

1 The whiffs (or whifts) were small flags usually carried by the boats.