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The Whaling Journal of Captain W. B. Rhodes: Barque Australian of Sydney 1836 - 1838

22. Ships mentioned in the Journal

page 116

22. Ships mentioned in the Journal

Date Name of Ship Port or Country of origin Captain's Name Place of Encounter
July 15 Six vessels
unnamed1 Port Cooper
Aug. 7 Harriet [Sydney] Howe Port Cooper
Aug. 26 Friendship [United States] [West] Pegasus Bay
Aug, 20 Nile [United States] [Collins] Pegasus Bay
Sept. 5 Sisters [Sparling] Pegasus Bay
[Elizabeth] Fowler Port Cooper
Sept. 24 Hind [Sydney] Cloudy Bay
Lynx [Sydney] Cloudy Bay
Oct. 6 Tuscaloosa United States [Hussey] E. of Cook Strait
Oct. 10 Tamar Clapham N. of Kermadecs
Nov. 17 Envoy United States N. of Kermadecs
Dec. 17 Cheviot England [Bateman] Kermadecs
Jan. 17 Pusey Hall 2 London Near N. Cape N.Z.
Jan. 18 Roslyn Castle Richards Off Three Kings
Mar. 7 Harriet Sydney Lord Howe Is.
Mar. 27 Pantheon Pell Off Bay of Islands
April 11 George Clinton Off Bay of Islands
April 12 Achilles London Off Bay of Islands
July 24 Tigris Sydney Terry W. of New Caledonia
July 30 Scamander W. of New Caledonia
July 30 Mic-Mac [Sydney] [Brace] W. of New Caledonia
Aug. 3 Jane Barber W. of New Caledonia
Oct. 5 Elizabeth London Currie Near Niue Is.
Oct. 19 Independence United States Vavao
Oct. 21 Ann London Ball Vavao
Nov. 13 Columbus 3 United States [Ellis]
Nov. 23 Diana 4 Harvey
Nov. 27 Nantucket Nantucket N.E. of Kermadecspage 117
Dec. 23 Rambler Nantucket S.E. of Kermadecs
Dec. 27 Parker United States Austin N.E. of E. Cape N.Z.
Dec. 28 Hope London N.E. of E. Cape N.Z
Jan. 13 Corinthian Bristol Near Chatham Is.
Jan. 23 Gauge Havre Grandsaigne Near Banks Peninsula
Jan. 24 Oriental Havre Near Banks Peninsula
Feb. 3 Warren Warren (U.S.) [Lewis] Near Banks Peninsula
Feb. 10 Mountatio 5 United States [Sayer] Off Banks Peninsula
Feb. 19 Trent Bay of Islands Near Hawke's Bay
Apt. 4 Bombay 6 London
page 118

1 The whaling vessels in Port Cooper between July and September 1836, although not named by Rhodes, are known to have included the following: Bee, of Sydney (Hempleman), Nile, of U.S.A. (West), Friendship, of U.S.A. (Collins), Harriet, of Sydney (Howe), Elizabeth, (Fowler), Sisters, (Sparling) and Caroline, (Cherry).

2 Sydney Herald gives this name as Puzey Hall.

3 Spoken by the Ann.

4 Spoken by the Nantucket.

5 Possibly Montana. McNab (Old Whaling Days) gives the name as both Montana and Montana.

6 Mentioned in ship's accounts only.