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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Light Horse Anthem

Light Horse Anthem.

(Written on a scrap of paper, picked up on the Jerusalem-Jordan Road.)

We are the mobile forces,
The Desert Mounted Corps;
We roam around the country
In search of Turkish gore,
In every kind of weather,
In heat or dust or damp;
But every time we settle down
They shift the blooming camp!

We dig the winding trenches,
As well as groom the horse,
Mid Jordan's heat and dust-clouds
And Auja's swampy course.
Yet when we go to Bethl'hem
To easy up the strain,
Somebody gives the order,
And off we go again!

Sometimes we ask for transport,
To shift some extra kit;
The answer is, "You're mobile",
Or "You should not have it".
Yet when we form a small dump
Way down along the line,
Some irate "red-tab" fellow
Kicks up a blinkin' shine!

And so we keep on moving
As days and weeks roll by;
The records of our movements
The Turkish Staff defy.
And when we get to Berlin
The Kaiser he will say:
"Hoch! Hoch! Mein Gott! They cannot
At last have found the way!"