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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Candid Comments

Candid Comments

W.G.D.: Almost prehistoric...J.R.: Put gently to rest..."Maorilander": Prose chopped into tibbin lengths is not poetry..."Tanglefoot": One of Methusala's little jokes..."F.": Try your fist at a longer screed..."E. Koms": Right off the main track...S.F.C.: Too lengthy..."Novembre": Promising..."Acrabah": Carry on..."Wil Cox" Neat little sketch, but see July "K.O.C.".. ."Windy Willie": Uneven, and an echo at the best "Borra": Below standard..."2469": Verses cen-sorable; choose other subjects. Could do with another yarn...A.P.R.: Concise and witty; send another bunch..."Ephraim Flaxstick": Best of the trio selected . Why don't you return to the "Idyll" style?..."Robbo": You beat Walt Whitman to a mush...A.J.P.: A great truth expressed in two lines:

The best of us go grousing
When feeling out of sorts.

What a war!...T.H.W.: We have not seen a copy of the journal...L.B.: We tried it on a Nile crocodile, and the brute shed tears..."Ga-mel": The hoosta has had its share of black paint and the limelight; after all, it has its good points.. ."Marakeb": You'd make Browning blush with your "jingo" and "lingo," and "Jordan" and "poor Dan"... Bob G.: Not too bad for a start; try again..."Oreb": Good subject; get busy.. "Apron": Harry Quail redivivus:

The poppy has a lovely bloom,
It paints the earth all red;
It nods around the silent tomb
And where the mules are fed.

T.B.Y.: Parnassus is "out of bounds" to you; browse in fields of prose..."Starlight": Couple of good stanzas; others beyond repair... "Tommy Pullthrough": M. and D...A. J. H. W.: Bill Shakespeare could scarcely have expressed it better:

Why on earth don't they stop this dreadful war, Before my nerves get shattered all to bits?

Tpr. H. Spence: Re your letter of Sept. 16th. nothing doing..."Larrie": May use the "Ode"... "Nullius": Considering..."Godfrey Gaunt": Colombo screed miles too long; verse unsuitable... Tpr. "Willie": Many a flower must "waste its sweetness on the Desert air."...A.B.B.: Thanks, but the photos, are not suitable for reproduction... "Alex. Stanley": Your muse seems to be suffering from shell shock... F. Norris: Our bivvy is not a seed store..."Merrigal": Some passable lines, but too many knock-kneed ones... A.F.: Dreary as the Desert..."First Major": Waiting for the "Tale of a Tent"..."S. Salt": Your title, "At the Mercy of Tiberias", seems familiar. We rather think we read a novel with that name, twenty odd years ago...B.D.: The poem appeared in our second issue..."Medoc": We can do with another yarn, when you feel so disposed..."Marrin": We are on the look out for the kind of article you suggest; hope to have it fornext issue... "Barton": First issue is right out of print.