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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Talaat Ed Dumm

Talaat Ed Dumm.

(Talaat ed Dumm—The Ascent of Bloodis so named from the red clay that marks its side, which is said to be very conspicuous after rain. It lies midway between Jerusalem and Jericho, and its site is marked by the ruins of a Crusaders castle. The following lines were suggested to the writer on returning from the Jordan Valley to Talaat ed Dumm).

There's a spot on the road every Billjim should know,
On the trek from Mount Zion to old Jericho:
Your name is so sweet, a melodious hum—
Oh! dear, old, euphonious Talaat ed Dumm!

I love the wild breezes that blow round your hills,
Your heat, stones and dust, and all other vile ills;
Your spiders and scorpions, so dreaded by some—
Oh! delectable, lovable Talaat ed Dumm!

On the way to the Jordan I thought you quite drear,
Having come from sweet Sharon, with air cool and clear;
Your bleak desolation then made me quite glum—
Stone-end of creation! Talaat ed Dumm!

I love the wild breezes, etc.

Having lived in the Valley, and scorched in its stove,
With its pests and its dangers, below and above:
The bombs, shells and vermin ad infinitum-
I am glad to return to you, Talaat ed Dumm!

I love the sweet breezes that breath on your hills;
Never sneer at your safety nor magnify ills;
Your blessings and virtues all make a great sum—
Oh! delectable, lovable Talaat ed Dumm!