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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918


"Acrabah": In the piping days of peace, Joe kept the dingo from the door with a herd of cows, down South Coast way. Traces of his old calling still remain, in spite of four years' history making. He counts his deferred pay in poddies and has a supreme contempt for "townies" and their inability to do anything in proper Australian bush style. We have a couple of "townies" in our section, and once, on a stunt, one of them placed an impromptu kit-bag, (made from an old nose-bag) on Joe's horse. It contained a pair of socks and a singlet; and when Joe discovered his amazed prad gazing in suspicion at these relics of rest camp, it strengthened his disbelief in "townies". His bosom friend and paradox is Cecil, who comes from the "Big Smoke", where, according to Joe, he got fifteen bob a week and ink on his fingers, in some mysterious office. He has never mastered the art of tying his horse on the lines in such a manner that it will remain there, while the intricacies of saddle-packing are beyond him. He goes forth to battle looking like a glorified Father Christmas, with a miscellaneous and superfluous collection of gear hanging from his long suffering moke. This calls forth the necessary caustic remarks from Joe, who, however does not always come off a winner, as the gift of repartee is very much alive in Cecil. As a combination, they are hard to beat, these two.