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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Answers to Correspondents

Answers to Correspondents.

"One Too Many": Unsuitable; choose an-other subject... "Pickles": Appropriate pen-name, for your story is certainly mixed Q.J.R.: "Corps Commandments" is hoary with age..."Prim": Glad to hear from you: but your versell A.B.: Near the mark; have another shot "Palestine": A Wandering Willy sort of stunt; can't make anything of it S.H.W.: The solution to "Sisters and Brothers" has, at a rough estimate, been given five thousand times; ask the first man you meet "B. of the Illusive": Brunoon S. wouldn't have been flattered by your imitation of one of his best poems "Anonymous": Your "Hic Jacet" contains some fine lines, but is the Rubaiyat form suited to the subject? "Jordan": Thanks, old chap, but we don't want a live scorpion; if you catch a gazelle, though, trot it along "Tralas": Another little screed wont do us any harm Rob.K.: Considering A.A.N.S.; We didn't mean to be "scathing", we are gentle as a lamb. Please write again, and send copy and sketches. "The Lady of the Lamp" idea is excellent Capin W: Capital stuff; will print in an early issue Segt. W.G.G.H.: Many thanks for letter and good wishes A.E.W.: Sorry, none of the sketches is suitable "Detector": May use later S. Fitzgerald: Why not write and ask the one who collected your subscriptions; perhaps the book has not been printed yet K.K.: You should be able to purchase the volumes at any bookseller's shop in Cairo or Alexandria..."De Perrett": Glad to hear from you. May adopt your suggestion..."Den. Ton": Carry on...J.H.H.: "O.R." wouldn't pass the blue pencil. Another yarn like "Eaps" would be welcome as a cool breeze in the Valley... Tpr. N.S.: Good O... "Romeo": Very, very pathetic; your ms. is splashed with our tears...W.T.; Send another contrib., but don't write stuff that has to be deleted... J.C.S.: Remember Bruce and thespider? ...C.S.: See our first issue...L.A.: Misquoise... " Old Bill": May do with a bit of polishing... G.E.J.: Next issue. Try your luck with a longer screed..."Boori": We want more..."Ack-Vic-Ack": You have struck a rich vein. Will use the sleuth yarn in October number... J.H.R.: Under consideration..."Ali Muntar": Held over ...J.A.H.: Idea OK., but we have another article on same lines...Tpr. H. Spence: Always acceptable..."Old Fossil": Are you weary, or what?..." Koolawarra ": Get a move on... "Ghuzze": Give the "bow-wow" style a rest.. Art Editor's comments: "Abel": Your drawing smitten as Cain smote your worthy namesake, some years ago...J.F.B.: Please inform us, which is the top of your drawing. We are in doubt whether the tuft of herbage is Kanger feather on a hat, or grass under a pair of No. tens... "Spud Murphy": You cant fell me you're wear-ing overcoats in the Jordan Valley at present. Our new winter fashions books have not arrived yet...'Fairnsbather": We are looking out for a Palestine Bairnsfather, but you're not it...R.O.S Not bad; outline would suit your style better;.. B.H.B. Price: Waiting for more...G.F.: Only original sketches are wanted.

The photograph on page 9 is by the Anglo-Swiss Studio. Other photographic illustrations (excepting that on page 2) are Australian Official.