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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Answers To Correspondents

Answers To Correspondents.

"O. Pen Air.": You call it "Dinkum", but it's not poetry..."Shell-Shock" and L.B.: Lore's labour lost...Driver J.Y.: Thanks for your good opinion, though we can't print it..."Godfrey Gaunt": Well written stuff, but some of it wouldn't pass censor...T.A. Noble: Have handed your sketch to the Art Editor...NC. "Her eyes dream o'er the Hills of Moab"—Fall in with the sick parade.,.R.A.S.: Mohamed Halem thinks you are a Genius; we dont...P.C. de C: Verse unsuitable, but a bit of your prose might hit the mark...J.C.R.: Glad to hear your girl likes the "K.O.C."; so do many other girls..."Larrie": Can't use "The Demi-God". Let us have something more mundane, and dealing with the present. Have noted your remarks re alterations—Major D: The price of paper is abnormally high..."Imarat": An echo of versts published in April "K.O.C.", which our bivvy parrot knows by heart..."620": Your snake yarn is about as veracious as anv of the 343 others we have received lately. Got any fish stories?..C.H.G.K. Pretty fair verse, but the sentiment is as thick as treacle..."Sayeb": Driving donks evidently doesn't qualify a man for verse-making, though it makes him a master of purple phrases...S.S.M. P. de Barcham: More verse like your Suez ode would receive a warm welcome... F.L. King: Sketches submitted not suitable, but we would like to see some others..."Tibbin": Your story is too lengthy; boil it down, boil it again, and then strain it. Captain B: Thanks for the photos... "Barney": Perhaps your cobber only "borrowed" your copy of the Mag; dont start an offensive. We print one of your verses on a "regrettable incident":

O! he might have pinched my "bulls", and he might have pinched my beer
Or all my iron rations and my Gaza souvenir;
Oh! he might have shook my blankets, and I'd not have made a row,
If he'd only left my "Coo-ee" till the morning, any how.

"Medoc": Will probably use your "Gambler's" story next month. Carry on..."E. Komis": On the top rail of the fence, old chap. Thanks for good wishes..."T. A.": As old as our unpaid bills... R.T.H.: Pretty fair verse, spoiled by a few horrible lines..."Graps": Learn the A.B.C. of verse-making, cobber:

Three years ago today
We left Broadmeadows and embarked on the "Karroo",
And being mostly from the bush we were a merry crew.
Of soldiering, the A.B.C. was the only thing we knew,
Three years ago today.

"Marmot": Send your ms. Home; it will help to keep the Home fires burning..."Mac": Your drawing of a Lighthorseman is about the weirdest thing that has cantered into this office for a long time... Trooper L.: The camel in your sketch looks like a malaria-stricken giraffe, cake-walking over the Judean Hills... E.K. Promising. . "Buttercup": Watch yourself, you will become dangerous by the Spring... M S. "Gerardy " is on no staff. In spare time he mixes feed with a shovel, for horses in the Jordan Valley..."Paul": Our Art Editor is slowly recovering after a glimpse of your drawings... L.A.H.: We couldn't find the joke, though we used a microscope...Tpr. H. .Spence: Marriage yarn clev-r, but not suitable for "K.O.C."; send more stuff like "Evolution"...M.B.W.: Handed to Art Editor. .D.O.N: Like the Curate's egg... MG.: Capital subject, but we haven't time to sole and heel the verses...S J. You are not entitl-led to driver's pay unless appointed driver through Unit Orders..."Ailoron": Unsuitable... W.H. Woods: There is no medal or ribbon for the Western Desert stunt

Photo, illustrations in this issue (excepting those on pages 6 and 8) are from Australian Official Photographs.