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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Official War Correspondent

Official War Correspondent.

The announcement is made, that Mr. H. S. Gullett, who has until recently been the Officer in Charge of the Australian War Records Section in Egypt, has been appointed Official War Correspondent for the Australian Government in Egypt. Mr. Gullett's articles dealing with the A.I.F. on this front will be distributed to the Australian and British Press. Earlier in the war, this journalist occupied a similiar position for the Commonwealth Government with the British and French Armies on the Western front.

Mr. Gullett in his articles will deal not only with operations from this time forward, but will include a series covering the chief Australian fights, from Romani. We are pleased to announce our intention, censorship permitting, to publish these articles from time to time in the "Kia Ora Coo-ee" magazine, or the "Kia Ora Coo-ee News". Up to the present, relatively little has been published in Australia or England about the activities of the Australians in Sinai and Palestine. While we know that the Force here does not seek advertisement, the appointment of an Official Correspondent will, we are sure, be received with satisfaction by all ranks.

Lieutenant H. W. Dinning, who is coming to this front from France, succeeds Mr. Gullett as Officer in Charge of War Records Section, Egypt. Lieut. Dinning is the author of an interesting book, entitled "Byways of Service."