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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

"Australia in Palestine."

page 8

"Australia in Palestine."

It is not always easy to select a gift for the home folk, especially when one has been here for several years, and has already sent a pretty varied assortment of presents overseas. All members of the A.I.F. will shortly have the opportunity of making a unique gift, which will be a joy for ever to those who receive it—a literary and pictorial spu- renir of the life and operations of Australian soldiers in Egypt and Palestine. So far very little has been heard of the work and achievements of the A.I.F. in these countries; and the publication of a handsome volume dealing with all phases of the long campaign, from Suez to Amman, is assured of a very hearty welcome.

Arrangements have been made to publish a book entitled "Australia in Palestine", a volume of good quality and substantial size, well bound, and printed on high class paper. The proposal has been cordially approved by Lieut-General Sir H.G. Chauvel, K C.M.G., C.B., G.O.C., A.I.F. in Egypt, and the Divisional and Brigade Com-manders, who. with Colonel J.M. Arnott, C.M.G., Lieut.-Col. D. Fulton, Commandant, A.I.F. H. Qrs., Egypt, and Lieut.-Col. R. Williams, D.S.O. form the committee. Major J.H. Hammond is Treasurer.

Pictures will be the main feature of "Australia in Palestine" It will contain many full page reproductions of the finest photographs taken by the Official Photographers, and also a number from negatives by members of the A.I.F. Some of the sketches made in Palestine by Lieut. G.W. Lambert, Australian Official Artist, will be reproduced in colour, as also will many of the photographs and sketches by artists in the Field. Then there will be scores of black-and-white illustrations, and a selection of contribu-tions from writers in khaki.

The Souvenir Book will mirror all that is best and most picturesque in the Australian Force, and depict the wonderful land it has helped to conquer. The cover design will be in colours. Every effort will be made to produce a volume that will be worthy of its great subject, and have a lasting value. Already many artists and authors have promised to give of their best, and when the project becomes widely known in the Field, it is confidently expected that numbers of others will forward contributions.

Money prizes are offered for the best sketches in colour or black-and-white, prose sketch or story, and verses; also for the best photograph in each of the following subjects: Battle scene, horse life, camel life, camp scene, and general. Of course, in addition to those that are awarded prizes, a number of the contributions submitted will be selected for publication, so that the book will be thoroughly representative of the literary and artistic talent of the Force.

Each copy of "Australia in Palestine" will cost 6/- (which will cover postage to any address in the world, outside the field of active opera-tions); and there will be full value for the money. It is proposed to have the book printed in Aus-tralia, and copies will be posted direct from the publishers to the addresses given by subscribers. This means that there is practically no risk of any going astray, while the books will reach their destinations in perfect order, having no long overseas journey to make.

Lieut. H.S. Gullett, Official A.I.F. War Cor-respondent in Egypt, and Sergeant Chas. Barrett will be the editors of "Australia in Palestine," with W.O. David Barker as Art Editor. Sergt. E. A. Hodda will act as secretary.