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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

At The Zoo

At The Zoo.

Several mascots of A.I.F. regiments are living now at the Zoological Gardens, Giza. One is a grey kangaroo, named "Billy", received from the 3rd. A.L.H. on May 7th., 1915. Another kangaroo, which belonged to an Australian Infantry battalion, is still going strong after two years at Giza. Then there is a red 'roo, which was brought to the Zoo, at the same time as "Billy"; it answers to the name of "Chum". Thousands of Bilijims visit the Gardens and delight in seeing these old friends of the Bush, also the galahs, rosellas, and grass parrakeets, in cages near the main gate. Mr. M. J. Nicholl, Assistant Director, receives from soldiers in Palestine many live animals, ranging from frogs to jackals. In his front garden is domiciled a fox, which was the mascot of an Australian unit. One morning, at the breakfast table, Mr. Nicholl opened a small parcel from a soldier at Rafa, and out rushed a big black scorpion.