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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

War Museums

War Museums.

Thousands of homes in the Commonwealth and New Zealand contain war trophies, but it is fitting that the Dominions should each possess a great national collection. In order to from such a national museum, the Commonwealth Government authorised the establishment of a section to undertake the work of collecting war trophies and relics of an interesting nature. In France a start has already been made, and many objects of great historical and sentimental value have been secured for the Museum. F r various reasons, it has not yet been found practicable to extend the scope of the section to cover Egypt and Palestine, but it is hoped that a commencement will be made in the near future. The work of the Australian Museums Section includes the collection and careful classification and preservation of:— (a) War trophies and relics other than those claimed through the official channel in accordance with G R.O's. (b) Photographs other than those taken for military purposes (c) Regimental magazines and papers, (d) Sketches, (e) Personal memoirs and others souvenirs of historical interest. Nothing can assist the movement so much as the earnest co-operation of every individual member of the A.I.F. As soon as the necessary arrangements are completed, collecting depots will be established at convenient places to receive trophies.-and detailed particulars of the requirements of the Museums Section will he distributed. In regard to the New Zealand War Museum active steps have already been taken. The war trophies which it is desired to collect (other than those claimed under G R.O's, the procedure in this case not being interfered with) include all articles of interest found of the battlefield, or, in certain caspp. used hv units on memorable occasions. Relics of our own and Allies' forces are as interesting'o posterity as those of the enemy. Trophies, etc, should be Colected bv units, and after being pronerly labelled, forwarded to H.Q. NZ.EF in Egvpt. Private relics, whether from Gallipoli or Egvpt, which are sent in for the War Museum, will he tenderly handled, preserved, and catalogued with extreme care, the name of the donor and his unit being attached in each case. Photographs asked for are those of interest in connection with the services of the N.Z E F in Egypt, Palestine, Gallipoli, Mesopotamia, etc. Where only one copy of the photograph (or negative) is available, it will, if suitable, be copied, and the original will, in all cases, be returned to the donor.