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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

N.Z.M.R. Band Eulogised

N.Z.M.R. Band Eulogised.

The following letter was received by Lieut. W. Stewart, Bandmaster of the N Z.M.R. Band, after it had played at a gathering at Richon:—

"Dear Sir, We, the Committee, beg leave to tender you on behalf of our benevolent Society, our warmest thanks for the big success of this evening, which is chiefly due to the brilliant music of your eminent Band. We shall never forget this pleasant evening that we have spent in your agreeable company; your famous Band has been always recognised and admired by the general voice of the public. We can assure you, Dear Sir, that during you short stay with us you have endeared yourself to all the members of our Community by your innumerable acts of kindness, attention and friendship. We consider it, therefore, to be our honoured privilege to dedicate to you, on this auspicious occasion, this brief and unpretending letter of thankfulness, as a slight token of our gratitude. Prior to your departure, our sick and poor wish to assure you, Dear Sir, that on the present occasion there is but one feeling pervading the hearts of all of us, and it is one of deep appreciation for your unbounded generosity. May the blessings of Providence be on you, who, from your high station, has sent down bounty and charity to the fatherless, sick and poor; their blessings are ineffaceable and will follow you wherever you turn. We consider it to be part and parcel of our duty to thank you once more for your charity to our poor brethren, and for which the sick and poor owe you an immense dept of gratitude. With sentiments of respect and esteem, we have the honour and gratification to subscribe ourselves," etc.