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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Answers To Correspondents

Answers To Correspondents.

H.J.P.: Your sentiments are excellent, but the verse needs polishing… E.C.D.: Not suitable… N.S.B.: You are not a poet…Cleopatra rep: Par arrived too late…"Northern Star": Just misses the mark…L.S.: Not our style…P.T.S. Over the odds…C.L.A.: A charming picture; but we don't want to make ail the boys homesick, so will print only one stanza;

The violets and pansies and other sweet flowers, Fresh vegetables and fruit every day; We sit 'heath the stars in twilight's calm hours; Our spirits are happy and gay.

"Boori". Make an "Anzacality" of your ballad… "Larrie": Good O, send along another yarn.,. "Magpie": Considering…"Nat Ive": See reply to P.T.S…"Barney": Your "Lament" is too sorrowful…No. 388, "Shorty", Trooper 16: See message "To Our Readers", on page II… "Logs": Try, try again…J.A C: Good idea, but the sketch is below par…F.G.A.: No, we can't class it as poetry:

We had "Darkie" and "Pharaoh" well ahead to be our screen,
Ridden by two scouts who no better this war has seen.
We advanced towards seven twenty, where the "Jacko" outposts lie;
Each man had the homesick feeling, no need to wonder why.

J S.H.: Curious, but not worth reproducing... A.E.W: Aren't you rather hard on Jericho? it can't help being where it is...Claude D: Did you put a peck of metaphors in your hat, and then pick out a bunch with your eyes shut? "A fly in the ointment, a flaw in amber, a wasp in the jam-tin, a snake in the grass"...Sig. W.B.: We appreciate your interest in the magazine; but the drawings and subjects are not suitable. Draw in bold, black outline...R.H.M.: Why not send us some notes?..."Sections Right: A. short story would be acceptable:..' Cable"; Wouldn't pass the censor...RB.: Pointless...J.M.B.: May use later. Glad you like the nature articles... Sapper D.: Sorry, can't find space for the sketch, though the hills are so nicely drawn... "Dubbo": Capital verse, but—we seem to have read it before..."404": Have handed your drawings to the Art Editor..."Muddy Creek": Near the mark..."Rallimderf': We sympathise with the O.T., and may print the 'pome" later on..."Pig Islander": Sure, we take your remarks as you intend, and have duly noted them..."Euphonium": Sketch well done, but hardly suitable..."Emma G.I.": Would like to hear from you again...A.B.: We wont show your verse to Mohammed Halem; it's not too bad, anyhow... "Multum in Parvo": Verses too uneven..."Scrym-Jim-geour": Neither of your screeds would pass the censor; write something short, and switch off your pet subject..."Munga Munga": Wont do... A A.A: Held over...W.H.D.: Carry on...'Tralas': Article and sketch both good; send along more...R.W.: Too late for this month; would like to see more of your work..."Sang": Considering...G.E.T.: Thanks, but we don't want copy of the kind, unless "localised"..."Solly'': Both good subjects, but your verse lacks life...Bert B: Sketches O.K., using some next issue...E.W.H.: May use, though it is rather fragmentary; can you send an article dealing with one locality?...E.O.H.: See reply to "Dubbo". "Climax": Held over. Let us have a descriptive article, with plenty of local colour..."Sapper" and J. J.: Below standard.