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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Our Magazine

Our Magazine.

Three months ago "The Kia Ora Coo-ee" was born, and won popularity from the Jordan to Salonica. It has become a welcome visitor wherever there are member∗ of the A.I.F. and N.Z.E.F. in Egypt Palestine, Macedonia and Mesopotamia.

Every unit has received the Official Magazine favourably, and its success is assured. Not only are the troops supporting it as subscribers, men who are talented writers or artists are also generously giving it their best work. "The Kia Ora Coo-ee" has set a standard of excellence, which (with the co-operation of all ranks of the Dominions' Forces, will be fully maintained.

In future years, a complete file of "The Kia Ora Cao-ee" will probably be worth ten times the original cost; the history of such magazines indicates this. Apart from that aspect, our Official Magazine possesses a unique value for each one of us as a literary and pictorial record of our life on active service during the Great War.

Send Your Copy Home Each Month It Will Delight Your People.

Regarding forthcoming issues. At present the cost of paper is so great that the size of the magazine cannot be increased without a corresponding increase in price; but more illustrations will be included, and new features introduced. Each month there will be a fresh cover design, in colours. That for the June number has been drawn by Lieut. G. Lambert, one of Australia's most famous artists. Several other noted Australian and Maoriland artists have promised to do cover designs for our journal. Literary matter in future will cover a wider range. It is proposed to issue, in September or October, a special Christmas number, consisting, say, of 40 pages. Particulars will be announced in due course

Owing to the condition of the paper market, printers are compelled to ask for contracts extending over fairly long periodst and to enable the Committee to arrange for the printing of the new series of "The Kia Ora Co-ee," subscriptions will be 00; a six months' basis, namely, P.T. 18. A balance sheet, showing cost, etc., of the first four issues, will be published next month.

Unit representatives will be making oat fresh acquittance rolls shortly; see your representative and have your name is cluded.