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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Answers to Correspondents

page 15

Answers to Correspondents.

The Editors again desire to thank numerous corispondents of all ranks, who have written in praise of "The Kia Or a Coo-ee," and those who have sent copy.

E. G. McMaugh.: A soldier who left Australia in 1914 is entitled to wear the red chevron, and one blue chevron for each year of active service. J C S.: Not suitable...S FX.: Cut out verse, and let's have another vara.. "Bi.ster.": Tip-top, will use next issue..."Scotaust": Being a Scot, of course you possess a keen sense of humor; don't let it become rusty, old chip... "BiUReis": Sketch haidly suitable..."Muddy Creek'': Considering; some good lines, and some that need fiistaid. EP,L: Poets are born; br born again... J. F.: Not funny enough...L. N.: We would have published your sketch had jou indicated which was the donkey and which the man..."Baltsiggi": That's the stuff to give ihe troops..." Bill Adams": Ditto...' Boori": Glad to hear from ou again. Joke handed to our artist who will probrfbly use it later on..."Derwan": If your poem "Spring's Promise", is not sent for in a week's time, it will be sold as waste paper, to defray storage expenses..."Denny": So you will persist in stating that yOu1 story is original. Well, we don't want to hurt your feelinas, bat you're not Geoige Wa-hington "Kodak" wrote it for "The Bulletin", years ago...Major L.: A true story, is it? A marching out state has been prepared for Ananias, who is now packing his kit; he tried the same yarn on the O.C. of his unit. "Blue Duck'': Your mss. is synonomous with your nom de plume... Harry Quail.: What, again! One verse though, to encourage you, remainder are too sad: —

On a bright and sunny day
In the desert far away,
A trooper and his mate were busy talking;
They were both knocked out with a shot,
Fired behind from some close spot,
By a "Jacko" who upon them had been stalking.

Capt. Gatt: Nothing definite has been decided about the bestowal of the Galiipoli Star. Should it be awarded, we will make a reference to it in this magazine... W. H C: Using a couple of your pars..."Aussi": Using your par next issue. Glad to hear from you again... "Patient": Yes, we, quite understind that the A.I.F. News Sheets references to super-hens, who lay every day in the year, must be nauseating on top of light diet; but we decline to believe that the bad eggs you've been served wiih are the first efforts of the Ausiralian hens referred to in the cables. No, the egg records are not sporting items; they are probably cabled in connection with the hen fruit branch of the Repatriation Department, to encourage Billjim to fight on. The name of the Bendigo champion is Lady Contance...25344: See the M.O.. L/Cpl. "Dead Funny": There's a thrill in it all right:

When we leave the trenches, and visit ihe second line,
Rats and Chats come with us,
Graybacks, Oh, sublime;
Hard, tough and wiry, just the sort that won't say time,
Breaking each others records, up and down your spine.

Now, dinkum, do you call that poetry?... G.B.: We,ight stop that "dirty left" of the S.M's ourselves, if we pointed your verse. Let sleeping non-coms. lie...W.N: Read through your wad of poetry, and our advice is, write less and polish more....B. J.: For the love of Mike, don't join the Southey-lupper school.. Lieut. K.: She did, did she, we didn't think that she was that sort of girl. We cannot print the yarn in this religious journal...T A.P.: You're barking up the wrong tree; nothing about Freemasons has appeared in,"The Kia Ora Coo-ee" -Sapper H.N.C.; We excuse scribble, of
Sister: "Captain Loviman has beautiful brown eyes."Escort: "He'll have black ones, if I see him with you again."

Sister: "Captain Loviman has beautiful brown eyes."
Escort: "He'll have black ones, if I see him with you again."

course; but you verses, la! la!...W. H. K.: Thanks for cutting...E. A. S.: Sorry, photo, is unsuitable...N. S. R.: Declined with thanks... Bert P.: Fine little sketches, send along more... Sapper D: Sorry we can't use your drawing; and if we published the verse, well, we would soon have an opportunity of studying the interior of the Clink ourselves... E. B.: We didn't sport stars, but your article, "Moonlight at Gaza'', has given us the "pip"...R. H.: Returning your ms.; pack it up, with your other troubles, in the old kit bag..."Brentomnan": Would like to have the copy you promised, for next issue..."Linseed Lancer": When you get another brain wave, let us see the result... "Ornis.": Handed your description of the strange bird to our tame naturalist, wno reckons it is Lu cinia megarhynchus megarhynchus; he otten talks like that, but is quite harmless... L.N R.: Nothing doing...N.Z.: The co-editor of this magazine you mention has not worked on "The Fielding Star" (N Z.). Once upon a time, he started for Maoriland, but Queensland called him back when he reached Melbourne... L. L.: What have we done that you should pass such stuff upon us. Mercy Kamarad... E.F.P.: Touching little verse. We gave it to the Coptic bint around the corner, and when we left, the tears were tricking through her yashmak..."Googie ": We want good yarns for our double Xmas number, which will appear later on. Send the story along..."Alpha": Will do, with a trimming up. Capt. W. R. Gatt, Royal Malta Artillery, E. E. F., Alexandria would like to get in touch with anv stamp collectors in the A.I.F. & N. Z. E.F. who would care to sell or exchange foreign stamps. Sister R.B.: Will try to pick a purple patch from your "Impressions". Send along something about Hospital ..Segt. McK.: Too late for this issue, but will use next month...'Brassard": Deeply regret that "Peter" has gone "West." The verses appearing on another page were, of course, written before his demise. Just as we to to press, a letter, marked "urgent", has arrived from the author of the poem, who states that the sad event happened on a dark night, and the circumstances surrounding it are equally obscure: he disclaims all responsibility. We are also informed, that a certain bull pup was tried as a successor to "Peter", but was returned to his unit for further training.