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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Sport — Moascar Sports

page 14

Moascar Sports.

At Moascar on April 25th. a very successful sports meeting was held. In the early part of the day, you might have closed your eyes and imagined yourself away back at some pasto at or agricultultural centre in Western New South Wales, or Central Queensland, at a picnic race meeting or annual festival. There were all the old familior sounds, the same old "Ten to one on the field," "Four to one bar one;" the inimitable Australian slang; cheery Australian voices; the galloping of hoofs, and clouting of jumps. But look to the view: a great citv of tents, and beyond, the shining white disc of the Libyan Desert.

In the centre of the course was an arena, a little over 440 yds. in circumference, and into it led the straigtu course, along which were run the fiat races for horses In the centre of the ring were a dozen or so officers and uniformed sports officials: and clustering all round, pressing close to the rai s. a solid phalanx of khaki-clad men, keenly interested in the sports. Some events were considerably more exciting than others. The galloping over hurdles, dismounting, firing "five rouns rapid" and galloping home over other obstacles, provided an unlooked for buck-jumping exhibition, during which a trooper of the Light Horse was landed on the and, along with his saddle and bridle; while a bay horse galloped off gaily towards the heat-shimmering horizon, rejoicing at a short respite from discipline.

There was rare excitement during the rescue race, run off in heats of four horses at a time, when each competitor galloped over the first fences at his very best speed, knowing that the first to reach waiting "comrades" would be first to get his man up beside him, and would, indeed, be hard to beat over the fence on the homeward trip. The final had to be run off twice, because, on the first occasion, the judges were unable to separate the first three horses. When the races were some what famer. other matters gave excitement to the occasion. In the afternoon, the relay race drew a good deal Of speculation, because each tram comprised a representative of every rank, from trooper to field officer. And the first lap was exciting, Major A.B. Paterson being beaten on the tape by a few feet:

Results were. as follows:—

Relay race: Remount Depot, 1; Machine Gun Squadron, 2.

Wrestling on Horse back: N.Z. Mounted Rifles, 1; A I F. Isolation Camp. 2.

Lloyd Lindsay Race, (distance 500 yds, to be competed for in sections of four): 3rd A.L.H.T.R.. 1st. A.L.H.T.R. 2.

Obstacle Race: Bennett (N.Z.M.R), 1; Anderson (Remount Depot), 2.

Half Mile Championship: Topper, 1; Gibson, 2. Old Boffers' Race: Carter. High Jump: Stanbridge (5ft. I in), 1; Anderson (5ft. 1 in), 2. Sack Race: Scott, 1; Bennett 2 Officers' Half Mile Flutter: Lt. Laurence, 1; Lt. Ferguson, 2.

Hunter's Competition:, Capt. Stewart and Tpr. Trainer, dead heat.

Tent Pegging: Sgt. Wilson, 1; Tpr. McGregor, 2.

Anzac Race (open to officers and men of other ranks who were on Anzac. Conditions: to run 30 yards, have a needle threaded by a lady, Write "ANZAC" in block letters, and then return to starting post. Race started and judged by ladies): O'Connor, 1; Scott, 2; Lt. Easterbrook, 3.

Hurdle Race, (120 yds, ten hurdles, each of of three feet). Final heat: Anderson, 1; Dempsey, 2.

Best Dressed Rider (humorous): McGregor (Remounts), 1; Henderson (A.M.C.), 2.

Rescue Race (to ride over fence, pick up comrade, and return over another jump; distance about 250 yds., each way): Brown, 1; Phillots, 2.

Relay Race (one team of unit allowed, consisting of trooper, lance corporal, corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, and field officer; each to run 50 yds. starting with the trooper); 2nd. A.S.H., 1; Remounts, 2; Machine Gun Section, 3.

Four Legged Race (each team consisting of three, with legs tied at ankles and above the knees): Broughton's team, 1; Lockhart's team, 2.

Half Mile Flutter (open to riders of all ranks): W.M Neil (N Z.M R.), 1; Gilman (I.C C), 2.

Tug of War: N Z. Mounted Rifles, 1; 1st. A.L.H.T.R., 2; Isolation Camp, 3.

100 yds Championship: First heat: Collins, 1; Starkey, 2. Second heat: Dempsey, 1; Marks, 2. Owing to a dispute, the final had to be declared "no race." P. C. DF C.