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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Mosaic Discovered

Mosaic Discovered.

It is widely known, that a mosaic floor was discovered at Shellal, but very few are aware that some beautiful mosaic work was found close to the beach at Bir-el-Shanaur, near Rata. A Light Horse camp was there at the time, and it was curious to see officers and men digging with sticks and shovets in search of ancient coins. Some wag reckoned they were working their nuts for a trip. While delving on the hill overlooking the camp, a couple of men came upon the mosaic. Lt.-Col. The Revd. W. Maitland Woods M.A., V.D., Senior C. of E. Chaplain, H. Q. Desert Mtd. Corps, collected a party, and cleared the ground, when a red, white and greenish coloured mosaic was revealed. On what appeared to be a threshold was some Greek lettering, probably words of welcome to visitors. While the working party was absent, someone, with an idea that treasure lay hidden beneath it, dug up most of the mosaic, not thinking for an instant of the historic value attached to this relic of old time. No photographs were taken, as the mosaic floor was discovered at dusk, and was destroyed, as described, early next morning. Those who saw it, however, will agree that it was very beautiful and artistic.