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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Mascots. — "Jenny".—2nd, L.H.T.R

"Jenny".—2nd, L.H.T.R.

"Jenny" does not hide her light under a bushel; she is the mascot of the 2d. L.H.T.R., but is known pretty well all over the camp. Tpr. F. Kain, her real owner, bought "Jenny" from a Tommy about 18 months ago, and she has been in camp ever since.

A native of India, "Jenny" has become naturalised in Egypt. She does not like the Gyppo, however, for only the other day she chased one, and nipped a piece out of his arm. Just one of her charming little ways. Please note that "Jenny" is a real lady, and do not be mislead by malicious s'ories you may hear concerning our mascot. True, she takes a drop occasionally and becomes merry, but did not the illustrious Sairey Gamp to the same? "Jenny" has a "I ste" now and then, for her health's sake, we'll say. When she has had a wee drop too much, she does make thing hum, it must be confessed; she shins up the telephone posts, capers among the tents, and carries on generally till sober again. Luckily, her recovery does not take long, and she never suffers from a "head".

Sometimes, when feeling rather dull, "Jenny" roams into the Orderly Room and makes hay among the papers; or she sneaks into the cookhouse, and plays Old Harry with the pots and pans. One afternoon, she was observed trying to make a pudding. Pulling down a dixie lid, she heaped oatmeal, curry powder, sugar, salt and other ingredients into it, and stirred the weird mixture with a long spoon. When the cook appeared on the scene, 'Jenny" did a bunk. Our mascot knows all about the cupboard, and given half a chance, raids it. She will eat anything but meat.

During one of her day's out, "Jenny" entered an officer's tent, grabbed a wristles watch that was lying on the bunk, and fled. Next morning the watch was found near her quarters, in the lines.

"Jenny" is a good swimmer, and enjoys many a dip in the Canal and the Lake. She is fond of games, too, a regular tomboy, romping with "Roger", a dog, and "Tibby" a big black-and-white cat, which is notable for possessing odd coloured eyes, one green and the other blue.

If you're down our way any time, call in, and we'll introduce you to the finest monkey in Pharaoh Land. "Jenny" is not proud, nor is she unsociable; so you are sure of a welcome. Only, don't remind her of her native land, for she might get an at tack of home sickness. Alter all, there are places in the world, where the prospect pleases rather more than a Desert landscape.