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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918


page 9


Lieut. J. R. Duncan, of the Records Section, A.I.F. Headquarters, Cairo, has returned to Australia, for discharge as med-icaly unfit. Lieut. Duncan left Australia as a private with the 15th Battalion, in 1914, and was scon promoted. He sustained shell-shock on Gallipoli. He was taken on the strength of the Third Ecnelon in June, 1915, and promoted Warrant Officer six months later. In January, 1917, he was invalided to Australia, returning to Egypt in June the same year, and receiving his commission shortly afterwards.

Major N.B. Loveridge, A.A.S.C., who left for Australia on October 19th., 1917, on leave of absence, has returned to Egypt, and rejoined his unit. Major Loveridge was mentioned in despatches on March 18th., 1917.

Lieut. L.A. Wilkie, 4th. 4.L.H. Regt., who has been in Australia on leave, is back in Egypt. In November, 1917, while waiting for notification to embaric on leave, he was wounded in the thigh, and he did not sail till December.

Mrs A.C. Chisholm, Organiser and Superintendant of the Soldiers' Club ana Rest Camp, Kantara, has been appointed an officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Miss Verania McPhillamy, Assistant Superintendant, has been appointed a member of the order.

The wedding of Captain Charles J.F.W. Daniels, Indian Army (3rd. O.A.O. Ghurka Rifles), eldest son of the late Alfred Daniels, Richmond, Surrey, England, and Miss Hylda Frances Chinery, A.A.N.S., second daughter of the lae John Charles Chinery, Albury, New South Wales, was celebrated on March 1st. last, at the British Consulate, and afterwards at St. Mark's, Alexandria, by the Rev. B. Foster, C.F. The bride, who was given away by Miss Gemme] (Matron), A.A.N.S., looked very charming in a smart coat and skirt of champagne silk, with hat to match. The bridesmaid was Miss Rail, A.AN.S.,who wore uniform. The bridegroom's gift to the bride was a diamond and pearl cluster ring. Lieut. Lattery, Indian Army, was best man. The only guests nresent were Miss Wilson, Matron of theOfficers' Hospital, Ras-el-Tin, and Miss Condon, A.A.N.S. After the ceremony, the nappy couple left for Luxor, where the honeymoon was spent.

Lieut-Colonel C.G. Powles, D.S.O., N Z. S.C., has been awarded the C.M.G. Colonel Powles was Officer in charge No 5 Area Group, Welling on, N.Z., when War broke out. He was appointed Brigade Major, N Z.M.R. Brigade, and served with theBrig-ade throughout the Gallinoli campaign. He commanded Canterbury Mounted Rlfles from Dec. 12th., 1915, to Dec. 27th., 1915; and on the formation of the Anzac Mounted Division was appointed A.A. & Q.M.G., which position he still holds. Colonel Powles served in South Africa, and holds the Queen's Medal, with four clasps; he has been mentioned in Despatches four times.

Brigadier-General Charles Frederic Cox, C.B., C.M.G., V.D., commanding the 1st. A.L.H. Brigade, was born at Parramatta, N.S.W., on May 2nd. 1863. Serving in the South African "War, he took part in operations in Cape Colony, Orange Free State and the Transvaal, and commanded the N.S.W. Mounted Rifles, 1901-2. He was mentioned in despatches and has the Queen's medal, with six clasps, and the King's medal, with two. General Cox left Australia as Lieut-Colonel, in command of the 1st. A.L.H. He was wounded in the knee on Gallipoli, in May. 1915. Invalided to England in June, 1916, sufferine from influenza and broncho-pneumonia, the General returned to Egypt two months later. He has been rrentioned in despatches three times, and was appointed C.M.G. in January last, for distinguished services.

(Photo Anglo-Swiss Studio, Cairo.) Brig.-General C.F. COX, C.B., C.M.G., V.D.

(Photo Anglo-Swiss Studio, Cairo.)
Brig.-General C.F. COX, C.B., C.M.G., V.D.

Cpl. E. B. Picton, M.M., D.C.M., 7th. A.L.H., who was reported wounded and missing on March 28th last, enlisted in October, 1914, and was on Gallipoli, He was promoted Corporal in January, 1917. and has been twice mentioned in despatch's. Cpl. Picton was awarded the D.C.M., for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. In charge of a section of pointers to a screen, he displayed dash and able leadership. With only three men, he moved straight on to an enemy bivouac, and captured 40 prisoners.

Major W. S. Kent Hughes, M.C., 8th, A.L.H., D.A.Q.M.G., Aus. Mtd. Div., who went to Australia on leave in January last, has returned to Egypt, Major Kent Hughes has been mentioned in despatches three times. He was awarded the Military Cross in June, 1917.

Staff Nurses A.L. Longman, A.M. Jacob-sen, F.A.Adams, E. H.O'Loughlin and B.L. Forrester, N Z.A.N.S., all of whom have served in Egypt for t he past two years, have been transterred toEngland. They left Egypt on April 7th.

Sister E. Hodges, A.R.R.C., New Zealand Army Nursing Service, is returning to the Dominion on duty, alter marly three years active service. Staff Nurse M. Hodges arrived from New Zealand recently.

Auckland Mounted Rifles claim S.S.M. H. Eisenhut, who was lately awarded the D.C.M., "for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty whilst under fire". Sergt Major Eisenhut left New Zealand with the Main Body, saw service on Gallipoli, and has taken part in every fight since Romani,

Captain Harper, M.C., D.C.M., N.Z.M.R. Brigade Machine Gun Squadron, who was invalided to New Zealand recently, has now been awarded the Distinguished Service Order.

Sergt. Pa George Karika, New Zealand Rarotongan Company, has been awarded the D CM., "(or conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty, while in charge of a platoon; he did excellent work throughout and set his men a splendid example". Sergt. Karika in the first member of the Rarotongan Company, in Egypt, to receive this decoration.

Major-General E.W.C. Chaytor, C.B; A.D.C., T.D., G.O.C. Anzac Mounted Division, has been awatded the K.C.M.G., by His Majesty the King. A photograph of Sir Edward Chaytor appeared in last issue.

Major C. L. Sommerville, Wellington Mounted Rifles, died on April 2nd. from wounds received in action when in command of the 2nd. Squadron. Major Sommerville left New Zealand in 1916.

Congratulations to Miss M. McDonell and Miss M. Macdonald, mentioned in despatches. These two ladies, in conjunction with Mrs Blackmore (nee Duncan), founded "Aorea" Convalescent Home at Heliopolis, and have served continually there since it was opened, in 1915.

Lieut-Colonel J.N. McCarroll, D. S. O., Officer Comanding Auckland Mounted Rifles, has been awarded a bar to his decoration, for gallantry and distinguished service in the Field.