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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Camel Corps Sports

Camel Corps Sports.

At the I2th. Company Camel Corps Sports, held on March 22nd. and 23rd., practically every unit of surrounding "Stations" was represented among the visitors. Many ladies were present, too, and some even took seats in the Stadium and witnessed the two preliminary bouts. The efforts of the Committee, and especially the Secretary, Allen Moore, assisted by Pte. Born-berg, as Clerk of the Course, and Cpls. Graham and Deler, met with signal success. In the evening, a Concert Party from No. 2 AS.H. gave an entertainment in the boxing stadium. It was excellent in every way. The Concert Party and many of the visitors were entertained at dinner by the N.C O's. There were cash prizes for each event on the Sports' programme, and a substantial amount was handed to those taking part in the boxing contest-!, the whole of this money being provided by the men's mess funds and gate. Following are the results of the sports:—

Tug of War, semi final: No 2 Section, 12th. Coy. Final: N. C. O's, and winners semi-final, No 2 Section won the three pulls with ease.

Stepping 100 yds. (all comers): Pte. Bagnell. Camel Novelty Race: Pte. Green's Jupiter" There were ten entrants for this event.

75 yd; Handicap, final: Heffernan (scratch), 1; Kehor (1 yd.), 2; Pickston (3 yds.) 3. Books were offering 4 to I against the winner, who passed the tape with 3yds. to spare (no time taken).

100yds. A.I.F. Championship, final: Sgt. Dempsey (A.R.D.), 1; Sgt Collins, 2; Pte. Heffernan, 3. At 75yds., Dempsey put in his run and won by about a yard from Collins.

Camel Scurry: O'Shannessy's "Stock", I; Phipp's "Rainbow", 2; Lt Karnaghan's "Kismet, 3. Seven starters. Half way down the course, "Stock" took charge of the field; the number of camel lengths he won by could not be ascertain-el. "Rainbow" and "Kismet" finished with a respectable distance separating them.

Old Buffers: Ferguson, I; Ryan, 2.

Kicking the Football: Cpl. Delar, I; Chidlow, 2, 440 yds. Handicap: Heffernan, I; Pickston, 2. Hop, Step and Jump: Sgt. J. Dempsey, I; Roach, 2.

Officer's Horse Race: Capt. Lawrence's "Torn", I.

Ferry Post "Kup" (for O/Rk's only): "Bob". Camel Trot: "Fluffy", I; "Stock", 2; "Jupiter", 3.