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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Sergeants At Play

page 14

Sergeants At Play.

For a side show, as it were, the Sergeants of one A.L.H. Regiment challenged those of another to play football, and the game took place on Sunday afternoon following the sports. It was some game. Neck and neck with a tied score for the finish of each quarter, up to and including the 75 per cent part, is not bad for a bunch of amateurs, some of whom did not know the difference between a football and 7 days C. B. Len. McKenzie and Gaudy brought home the bacon for Nugget's nimble men in the last quarter, and passed the winning post with four points on the right side of the ledger. The hope of the Westerners, " Billy Bash " (born in 1864 and still going strong), wasn't up to his usual form, and failed lamentably. Usually in the thick of the scrum, Bill got only two kicks—one on the left shin, and the other somewhere else. Q.M.S. Pride forgot that he was playing the Australian game, and bolted with the ball under his right wing for a good 70 yards, until someone blew a whistle; Nugget's bunch was presented with a gratis toot, which was a big factor in the final reckoning. Anyway, it was good sport, and Todd's terrible Westerners now say that they may not be able to play football, but when it comes down to G.S. wagons, they've got Nugget's car backed into the ditch with all tires punctured and the petrol tank empty.