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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

A Star Item

A Star Item.

The R.H.A. Competition was one of the star items on the programme, and the artillerymen had reason to feel proud. At the start there was an exciting incident. Making a sharp curve, one of the guns heeled over, and in a twinkling it was surrounded by curious soldiers. They crowded in from all directions. However, the gun was soon righted, and the ring cleared for action. The winning team did a superb round, touching the pins only twice, though there was a bare three inches of space for wheel sway to avoid them. It was driving in excelsls, and thorougly deserved the volleys of cheering that marked its conclusion.

Enthusiasm showed no sign of slackening when the last event, Officers' Three Furlong Flutter, for the cup given by Brig.-General P. V. Kelly, was run off. The course was lined with eager spectators, and the race was run to the music of rousing cheers.

In the evening a concert was given by an Artillery company, consisting of Lieut. H. Wesley, Sgt. A. Nathan (Stage Manager), Gnr. F. Grant, Dvr. H. Brundle, Gar. C. Arnold, Gnr. H. Broadfield and Bomdr. W. Harbott. The entertainment was enjoyed by a huge audience, ranged on a sandy amphitheatre. Thousands of pipe bowls and cigarette ends glowed redly, like fireflies entangled in the web of night. It was a top-notch concert, and a delightful ending to a perfect day.