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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Horse Show and Mounted Sports

Horse Show and Mounted Sports

Machine Gun Competition:—1st.,— Australian M.G.S.; 2nd.,—Th. M.G. Squadron.

Best N. C. O's Mount:— 1st, Set. Ratc'iffe [Yeo]; 2nd., Sgt. Furham [A.L.H.]; 3rd., Sgt. Wynne [Yeo].

Troop Competition:— 1st, Yeomanry; 2nd., —A.L.H.; 3rd., Th. A.L.H.

Hotchkiss Gun Competition:—1st,—A.L.H. Regt; 2nd.,—A.L.H.

Best Trooper's Mount:— 1st, Tpr. Atkinson [A.L.H.]; 2nd., Pte. Pardoe [Yeo.]; 3rd., Pte. Bullivant [Yeo.].

Best Officer's Charger. Heavy Weight:— 1st, Major Harrison [R.H.A.]; 2nd., Lt. Col. A.J. Palmer [Yeo.]; 3rd., Lt. Col. Cameron [A.L.H.]

Light Weight:—1st., Capt. Cowley[R.H.A.]; 2nd., Capt. Mitchell [Yeo.]; 3rd., Major Turner tYeo.].

Mounted Tug-of-War:—1st,— A.L.H. Regiment; 2nd., Yeomanry.

Wrestling on Horseback:—1st,—A.L.H. Regiment; 2nd, —A.L.H. Regiment.

N. C. O's jumping Competition:— 1st., Sgt.

Nixon [Yeo.]; 2nd., Sgt. Mott [B.A.C.]; 3rd., Sgt. Sinclair [A.L.H.J.

Field Ambulance Competition:—1st,—A.L.H. Field Ambulance; 2nd.,— Bde. Fld. Ambulance.

Relay Race:—1st, Pte. Scely [Signal Squadron]; 2nd., Tpr. Solly [A.L.H.]; 3rd., Cpl. He [Yeo.].

Trooper's Jumping Competition:— 1st., Pte. Baker [Yeo.]; 2nd., Tpr. Johnston [A.L.H]; 3rd., Tpr. Maloney [M.V. Section].

Best G.S. Wagon:— 1st,— A.L.H. Regt; 2nd., Divisional Train; 3rd.,—Bde. B.A.C.

Rescue Race:— 1st, Dvr. Blight [Aust. Field Squad.]; 2nd., Cpl. Cowley [Yeo.]; 3rd., L/Cpl. Craig[A.L.H.]

Best Limbered G.S. Wagon:—1st.,—Brigade B.A.C.; 2nd.,— A.L.H. Regt; 3rd.,—Divisional Train.

Officers' Jumping Competition:—1st., Lt. Col. Stuart—[L.F.H. Amb.]; 2nd., Captain Mus-grave [Yeo]; 3rd, Lieut Hargreaves [ A L.H.].

Swordsmanship Competition. Officers:— 1st, Major Watson [Hussars]; 2nd., Lieut. Ruse [A.L.H ]; 3rd., Lieut. Smith [A.L.H.]. Other Ranks:— 1st. Sgt Virgo [A.L.H.]; 2nd., Tpr. Solly [A.L.H ]; 3rd., L/Cpl. Purves [A.L.H.].

R.H.A. Competition:— 1st.,—Btty R.H.A.; 2nd.,—Btty. R.H.A.

Championship Jumping Competition. [Open to Desert Mounted Corps.]:— 1st, Revd. C. Holmes; 2nd., Lt. Col. Sir Mathew Wilson; 3rd. Pte. Baker [Yeo.].

Officers 3-Furlong Flutter:— 1st., Col. Dixon [D.H.Q]. 2nd., Lt. Col. Todd [A.L.H.]; 3rd., Lieut Massie [A.L.H.].

(Illustrations of the sports will be found on Page 12.)