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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

The Palestine Victory. — Congratulatory Messages

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The Palestine Victory.
Congratulatory Messages.

From General Birdwood.

To General Chauvel. 23/9/1918.

"Heartiest congratulations from all ranks of the A.I.F. in France on this last more successful and excellent bit of work done by their comrades in Palestine."

From General Chauvel.

To General Birdwood.

"Australians in Palestine much appreciate congratulations from yourself and comrades in France and send their congratulations to you and Australian Corps on their recent successes."

From the State Governor of South Australia.

To the Commander-in-Chief, E.E.F. 23/9/1918.

"My Government and the people of South Australia desire to convey to you their hearty congratulations on your decisive victory over the Turkish and German Armies and to express their unbounded admiration of the magniflicent achievement ot the troops under your command. We are especially troud of the prominent part played in your victory by the Australian Troops and we offer to them ana to General Chauvel our warm congratulation on their gallantry and devotion."

From the Commander in-Chief, E.E.F.

To the State Governor of South Australia.

"1 have received wita pride the congratulations of your Government and the people of South Australia, The Australian Troops have done deeds wortny of their magnificent record. They and General CHAUVEL, tneir skilful and gallant leader, fully deserve the warm appreciation of their fellow cuuntrymen."

From the Prime Minister of Australia.

To General Chauvel.

"Please accept and convey to officers and men of Light Horse hearty congratulations of Government and people of Commonwealth on part they played in recent brilliant operations. We rejoice that such great success was acnieved with so little loss."

From General Chauvel.

To the Prime Minister of Australia.

"Australian Troops in Syria much appreciate the kind congratulations of yourself and the people of the Commonwealth of Australia on toe part they have played in the recent operations, which now include the capture of Damascus."

From the Governor-General of Australia, through the Colonial Office, London.

To the Commander-in-Chief, E E.F. 3/10/1918.

"The Government of the Commonwealth desire to send congratulations to General Allenby on his signal defeat of the Turko-German armies—to General CHAUVEL and the Australian Troops on their participation in a victory which has aroused the greatest enthusiasm in rhe Commonwealth. Very satisfactory reports regarding the Australians on the Western Front have been received recently, and it is gratifying 10 learn that their trothtrs in arms in the Palestine area are displaying similar qualities of dash and staying power in common with the British and Allied Troops."

From the Commander-in-Chief, E.E.F.

To the General Office, London. 5/10/1918

"Kindly convey to the Governor-General of Australia our great appreciation of, and thanks for the message of congratulation send by the Government of the Commonwealth. The completeness of our victory is due to the action of the Desert Mounted Corps under General Chauvel. In battle and pursuit the Australian Troops have taken a brilliant part and have proved themselves worthy of their brothers whose deeds on the Western Front fill us with admiration."

From the Prime Minister of Australia.

To General Chauvel. 15/11/1918

"The Government and people of Australia extend their heartiest congratulations on the triumphant conclusion of your great efforts. I am soecially requested to convey to you their heartfelt thanks and deep admiration for your brilliant and great leadership, and for the way in which you and the brave men associated with you have born the sufferings and trials of the past four years, and in common with the Troops ot all the Allied Nations brought the civilised peoples of the world through adversity to victorious peace. On behalf of the Government and people of the Commonwealth, I assure you and every Australians soldier in the field, that the Commonwealth is full of pride and admiration of their endurance and sacrifice. Tne Australian soldiers are entitled to, and shall receive, not only the thanks of a grateful people, but that treatment which their great services deserve."